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   modern people for the pursuit of quality of life is very strong, for the families have a healthy body, the introduction of some of the community to ensure healthy products, become the focus of a lot of people to buy. Water purifier is very active in recent years, many families are considering buying. Water purifier is really useful? Before you buy to understand these knowledge, do not be silly cheated.



   a water purifier really work?

   water purifier either in theory or in practice, water purifiers water purification can not be denied. However, we buy water purification process, there is always some water purifier practical exaggerated propaganda, to stimulate consumer purchase. Understand these truths, not afraid to flicker.

   Do not believe the more the better filter, purify and filter water purification effect is not directly related to how much. Do not believe filter can be used permanently. Purification of water purifier to be sustained, it must promptly replace the filter.

   Do not believe the beauty and function of water purifier. These are exaggerated false propaganda, water purifier water purification function is the role without any health effects. Do not believe there is free water purifier. Businesses will not do business at a loss, saying no rape is not, do not be cheap, fall into the trap. In short these water purifiers to know the truth, do not be fooled, the choice of quality brand water purifier, to ensure the purification effect.

   Second, how to choose a water purifier to consider the following three aspects:?

   The first aspect: the type

   can be divided according to the type water purifier drink straight ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis drinking straight, water purifier, a water softener, a line-type water purifier, central water purifier like. Water is not particularly good, can choose to drink straight reverse osmosis water purification unit; if the water quality in general, ultrafiltration water purifiers can select; quality if damage clothing rigid, optional softener ... and so on, required by the net water implements what function, what kind of water purification devices on the selection.

   The second aspect: the price

   price may be difficult to control, because the market water purification products from dozens to tens of thousands of blocks per month, of course, which is not the same purification effect. So, should confirm what kind of water purification equipment they need before looking at the price. If you use Reverse Osmosis Drinking water purifier, the price should be 3,000 to 4,000 per month, of course, there may be more expensive than the price or cheaper. Personal advice to buy water purifier, do not blindly choose not vote for price quality, the need to combine local water quality, and the use of purchase to choose.

   The third aspect: quality

   whether it is good or bad quality of water purification ability, or life has a certain influence, we the time of purchase should pay attention. In water purification capacity, reverse osmosis> ultrafiltration, because a higher filtration accuracy, reverse osmosis water purification can effectively filter the water of heavy metals, chlorine, and other impurities, so the system will be more fresh water, if the local water quality is not good, you can choose a reverse osmosis water purifier.

   Third, the water purifier price expensive?

   Household water purification filter which is a core technology of the filtration membrane device, the current The main technology comes from ultrafiltration and RO reverse osmosis membrane two kinds. Ultrafiltration accuracy of 0.01 m, the main use for the life of the water purification; the RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration accuracy of 0.0001 microns, primarily used as drinking water.

   using an ultrafiltration membrane UF water purification water purification is called, because it is a multi-duct structure, used for kitchen, also known as kitchen water purifier. RO using a reverse osmosis membrane pure water, also known as water purification.

   Now kitchen ultrafiltration general market price between 1000-2000; household water is typically between 2000-5000 prices. This is only general prices, some brands of high prices, low prices some brands, this is a normal phenomenon, consumers can take this asreference.

   to buy a water purifier, then we can first understand tips water purifier to understand Precautions under water purifier, to see their families is not appropriate to use. If you really want to buy a water purifier, then suggest that you go to purchase on regular household appliance market, the purchase of such water purifiers are more quality assurance.

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