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With the improvement of peoples quality of life requirements, pay attention to their own health, more and more people are concerned about healthy drinking this topic, and this is because we now have a lot of rust in water , bacteria, chlorine and other harmful substances.


once read a data, 80% of the worlds disease and 50% of child deaths related to the contamination of drinking water, 82% of the countrys rivers and 90% of urban groundwater contamination, 60% of which seriously polluted .


After many years of propaganda and popularization of drinking water and health knowledge, people drinking water purifier has gradually understand the impact of water quality on human health, more attention to safe drinking water, which provides a large market for the production of water purification products prospect. Family home water purifier developed countries in Europe and 95% is already in use, while in the domestic household usage less than 5%.

   water purifier prices in the Chinese market, currently ranging from a few dozen to several thousand, in the form of divided stage type, wall-mounted, under cabinet type, etc., according to the water quality sub-divided into soft water type , water type, straight type, and so drink. In the end how to choose the right water filter? Buy water purifiers precautions What? Whose choice of water filter to meet the different needs?

   look under the common water purifier way [123 ]

   purifier activated carbon filter

   activated carbon can remove the smell and the taste of water, color, chlorine, colloids, organic matter, (synthetic detergents, pesticides, herbicides, synthetic dyes, trihalomethanes , haloacetic acids, endocrine disruptors such as phthalate PAES etc.), heavy metals (such as mercury, silver, cadmium, chromium, lead, etc.), radioactive substances, used in the water purifier is the earliest and most widely practical water purification materials. Usually only purifier activated carbon, reverse osmosis purified water in a home machine, and most ultrafiltration, ceramic, KDF, UV water purifier, etc., will be used activated carbon. Japan currently activated carbon is better, but the price is relatively higher.

   maifanite purification ceramic balls

   maifanite ceramic balls with the human body selenium, zinc, nickel, cobalt, manganese, magnesium, calcium and 30 kinds beneficial trace elements, start the wave and human cells start wave of these elements are distributed is the same kind of volatile, human cells with the resonance and resonance emanating from germanium stone fluctuations, human cells and tissues more vitality, and promote blood circulation, increase metabolism, and into the body get rid of wasteThereof.

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