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   chicken chase glory sun and the moon dance, jump rivers dogs Bling students. February 9 morning, Xinfei Group 2018 Work Conference and Congress workers in the next six Group headquarters, the meeting chaired by the Deputy General Manager of Xinfei Group Jiaoshou Chen, including members of the new leadership group to fly, including more than 90 staff representatives attended the meeting. Conference kicked off in singing solemn countries.





   Xinfei Group chairman, general manager Xu made a presentation entitled "Cohesion change did not forget the early heart, opening to innovation Aircraft Group the quality of the new era, "the work report. Xu for 2017 overall operating Xinfei Group, the operations of the various units, there is in his work report problems and improvements, the next 3 - 5 years of content and the organization of work and other priorities in 2018 are summarized, sort and deployment.

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