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   Water is food, air equally important, essential and material affect human health in a great extent. With the peoples health and drinking water to enhance the rapid development of the concept of science and technology, the use of home water purifier products have become a worldwide trend. However, there are a lot of people to install water purifiers piece or disapproval reason is because a large proportion of over-reliance on bottled water. So, this bottled water is really safe?

   In fact, bottled water in the absence of Kaifeng, is in line with the standard straight drink, but bottled water after opening the lid shelf life of only 48 hours per release 1 liter of water, there must be a liter volume of air carries bacteria and dust into the bucket, after a few hours, to a certain temperature and environment suitable for bacteria may breed again, the bacteria will be exceeded more than three days but often the reality we often use a bucket of bottled water more than a week! so, bottled water is not so clean as we thought!

   in summary, it is necessary to install a water purifier. In recent years, environmental issues, water pollution, air pollution increasingly serious, to peoples health caused great distress, "drink a glass of healthy water" become pressing needs. At present, drinking water quality worrying, according to statistics, my country has nearly 28 million people drink high hardness water, 50 million people drinking water quality high fluoride. Therefore, the water purifier market in China is huge, this may be our water purifier market continued to hit the main reason.

   Time flies, a year end of the year season, the end of the year is the year when the most popular promotional, businesses are carried out in full swing, look at the water purification industry, is also in full swing, which Affiliate water purifier but also triggered public concern. However, the choice of water filter or purifier brand manufacturers, many investors are still hesitant, do not know how to choose! So, Agent Which brand do better? How much is the agent? Affiliate how much money, how to choose a water purifier manufacturer of water purifier market hot, water purifiers joined Which is better - M tips:??! join water purifier brand investment need to be cautious

   First, understand: select brand water purifier to join the agency to have stability, sustainability, development of!

   in the study and understanding of water purifier brand, to value the strength of the brand, with hardware does not have the long-term development strength, product innovation strength, and long-term planningdirection. Water purification agents to stabilize water purifier manufacturers need to be able to offer competitive products, which requires manufacturers to at least the level of R & D to keep up with the industry average. Statistics show that the water purification industry barely three years will be updated products, water purification agents in order to make products consumers must firmly stick to keep pace.

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   to incomplete statistics show that the market water purifier brand has reached more than 5000, but formal documents and documents relating to more than just before, let alone R & D team. Therefore, water purification agents to join in the selection of the brand must examine water purifier manufacturers R & D team. Such as Hua Kang water purifier 17 years specializing in the production of brand development, investment in R & D team-building accounted for the majority.

   Second, communication: a preliminary understanding of brand value, support,

   When we choose to have the intention of several water purifier manufacturers, brands, and we need the brands sales qualification, etc. make a preliminary communication to determine the threshold for agents to join, support policies, and qualification is not complete. According to the communication judgment, as well as in the online collection of the brand message and then go visit a few selected manufacturers, brand.

   Among the many choices, with a water purifier brand exclusive agency policy areas should be given priority. Regional policy is the sole agent in one area only to recruit a core franchisee, so convenient pricing, but also allows the franchisee to play to their enthusiasm, and actively develop the local market without fear of being snatched by others the dissemination of the results.

   Third, the study: to verify the authenticity of the brand water purifier

   In determining some of the more favored brand, field trips should set out to confirm the manufacturers, the company said sales and actually see is not consistent. At the same time determine the brand of the investigation is not with the real production strength, if their factories out of the office area or proxy are basically brand OEM-based brand, it is recommended careful selection.

   in the production environment, generally the big brands will rectify and regulate, like Hua Kang hundred thousand clean production workshop is one of the representatives. One hundred thousand clean production workshop requirements of all closed-end production, constant temperature and humidity, workshop production personnel in addition to wearing the uniform with dust clothes, shoes, still need to wear masks, visit the customer also needs to do a clean deal. This workshop will ensure the safety of the water purifier itself, notThe formation of secondary pollution.

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   water purifier market hot, water purifier brand investment to join need to be careful! Hua Kang water purifiers, excellent research team, sophisticated manufacturing technology, advanced production equipment, not only for the realization of products in the aging internally and externally on the function and design, but also knowledge of the product actually used in the process of ultimate performance. Hua Kang water purifiers, others do not dare to think, dare to do things, and hope that more dealers are willing Hua Kang water purifier with Chinas commitment to fighting the cause of healthy drinking water.

   understand Hua Kang water purifier brand details, please click on 鍗庡皵搴? width=

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