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   In this era of rampant brand, how many people know what brand is it? Early nineties words "believe brand power" influence generation after generation of our people. That in the end what is the brand? As a twenty-first century sunrise industry, most water purifier brand development in the future where is it? Xiao Bian below water purifier manufacturers combined in the water industry for many years of experience and judgment, to talk about clean water brand three issues to be faced in the future.

   is a brand identification, a spiritual symbol, a kind of value concept, the quality is excellent core expression. And sometimes more brands that is a trust, is one to rely on, is a peace of mind, is a recommendation. Consumers pointed out the direction for the brand, so that consumers no longer hesitate when hovering in the choice of brands.

   Although the "brand" the word familiar to everyone, but very few people really understand the brand. Take water purifiers for instance, what is the water purifier brand? In five thousand large and small domestic water purifier manufacturers have at least three thousand euphemistically called their own brand, and the rest have claimed to own the brand development on the road. The final brand competitive that few, like the development of mobile phones now come today we can see, is now well-known brand really still a lot of it, in addition to first-line brand, the other is some sort of no-name, or cottage brand, still monopolize the market side. In recent years, water purifiers usher in the climax stage of development of the industry, and the brightest navy go hand in hand, water purifier brands mushroomed emerged. Making the brand battle between the various brands like staged a new round of the Three Kingdoms, turf battles aside, the warlord is a true portrayal of history. To this end, small series made the following points about the brands future development:

   The first point: brand positioning problem

   In fact, every brand is a soul, you give the key to what soul, how to how to awaken it. The decision to brand positioning brand identity and brand development momentum and direction. High-end, mid-range, low-end, once determined, unwavering execution, not a single brand can both do well in high-end, midrange and low-end three stalls in the world, brand position, brand principles and propositions determine the brand must be selective; select the part, means that you must give up part. Many small businesses in the early stages when, in order to survive, continue to meet the market all kinds of consumers, resulting in positioning failure, and ultimately to run around busy, difficult and stronger; whenAmong a long time, lost personality, hard to develop. Concise, brand all have their own ideas, have their own personality, their own principles. In other words, there is no bottom line to cater to all consumers, brands can not ultimately be developed.

   The second point: brand differentiation problems

   When it comes to diversity in fact, do not blindly imitate others brands. In the above brand positioning on said brand must have their own ideas, personality and principles. To get better development and consumer recognition. The first difference question: Is the water purifier product quality, performance specifications, packaging, design, style, and so brought different performance, durability, reliability, convenience and so on. Water purification product quality difference is the core water purifier brand differences, but all the technology is the ultimate determinant of quality.

   enterprises in brand innovation when necessary technology for the pilot. The second difference concerns: a service to bring added value to the brand. First, to ensure prompt service time, to respond quickly to consumer issues reaction. Second, we must ensure the accuracy of the measures in the provision of business support services, used, technology strategies and methods must be appropriate, reliable, practical, and be able to solve the problem. Again to ensure comprehensive services. Enterprises in the provision of services must be in accordance with the commitment to provide the whole process a full range of services.

   The third point: the brand cultural issues

   brand culture endowed with a high value of the brand, you can find the direction and power of brand development. To take a simple example: "an ordinary clothes, the market price of around 40 dollars, if it may be replaced with brand selling price hundreds, if it becomes a souvenir of thousands selling price, if it is scarce souvenir thousands selling price, the same story inside is not the same thing, culture is not the same, so the actual price is not the same. create a specific brand of cultural change will also affect the value of the brand and even the brand development direction.

   future which water purifier market brand campaign can win market initiative it, small series that rely on the brand to survive, relying on quality, relying on services, relying on word of mouth, through advertising, without which pave the way for a water purifier brand manufacturers difficult to see the light of day in the future, we believe that the future will be more intensified competition, inevitably opened a new round of brand competition situation.

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