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At present, my countrys shortage of water resources, is an indisputable fact. But the reason you will find, including pollution of surface water, groundwater over-exploitation and pollution, regulatory authorities for planning and management of water resources in the absence of disorder, recycling awareness indifferent, unreasonable price, are the result of water mainly due to the extreme lack of resources.


price issue is only one of the causes of water shortages after the ranking was, just as the cause of a persons physical discomfort, including the heart and blood pressure, and liver and kidney problem, including hemorrhoids, if set despite several major issues before, and shining hemorrhoids cure, cure obviously wrong direction. This is like even if the price adjustment to 50 yuan a ton, Chinese portrait Saharan people do cherish water, such as oil, rather than set out to govern from the source of water pollution and water resources planning, can not solve our water problem fundamentally.

   Another problem is that the experts to make others believe that they are out of the "price increase" is the right recipe for governance than water crisis, citing "the World Bank recommended price is per capita income of 3 %. " If the fee to be pulled low by international standards, then, is lower than the international standard of quality, is not it also have to be upgraded? Quality is first up? Or the first price? This is a problem. And if we are "ignorant" of the people in this logic, ask prices and higher oil prices and a series of even net consumption should account for the proportion of income whether it should be with international standards, it is not fun.

   home water purifier brand

   The question now is, if the downward trend in the property market really appears, the policy side can be prepared, and should do anything to prepare. In fact the case, despite the fall in property prices as the expectations of public opinion, but it is difficult to sustain macroeconomic cliff-style drop occurs, particularly in the larger economies this year downward pressure situation. Both let go of the property market bubble, and avoid triggering systemic risk, policies now need to be prepared.

   such as bank stress tests, in the end how much banks can withstand prices fell pressure to fine test; falling house prices make excessive number of downstream industries lose markets, where make up for lost; how the face of local government land revenue reduction and so on. These must be aware of. Prepare more fully, the property market fell more side effects can be controlled, it can also be expected to show positive effects.

   Tips, water treatment far too important to control property pricesMore house live well, enjoy, live well, too, can live. But nature is not the same water, no water, no life, this statement is no exaggeration. Poor water quality, seriously affecting peoples health. Water purification experts suggest that the government should promote water conservation at the same time, consumers also install home water purifier, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of their own drinking water.

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