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Now, water purifiers almost become an essential family life products. However, if water purification products for some time, the slower the water situation appears to be how to do it?




In order to fully filter secondary pollutants in tap water, household water purifiers in the water treatment, really need more of a "patient" and "serious" and therefore water relative to the usual tap water, not so great. However, if the water situation is very small, so do not worry, we can look for several reasons from the following:


clean the filter




In general, the water situation becomes smaller, common for the cleaning of the filter.


This is because, when the filter cartridge in the water, will be visible sediment contaminants, rust, and other organic impurities on the filter surface of the barrier, if not a long time to wash, it is possible to let the contaminants more stacks, which affects the filtration rate. So, it is recommended to take down the ceramic filter cleaning.


The specific method can be seen here, "Dalton filter cleaning, the original so simple! "!






exhaust air


met with small effluent problem, first check whether there is air in the machine problem, if there is air to enter the you can try arranged for air.


Specific methods:


Formula stage


The water purifier 1 is placed inverted wash basins;


The barrel 2 with the. Loosen the chassis number;.


3 to open the tap (not too much), until the water from the base of the barrel and the slits oozed;.


4 turn off the tap and tighten the machine;


5. the water filter reversed back to the mesa.


under-counter or table top lid water model


The filter means 1 good cover;..


3/4 means 2 housing water . .


If the audience of formula 3, can be installed and prepare a rubber disc seepage;.


The cartridge 4 together with the housing cover replace, the housing side have water oozed ;.


5 screwed to the housing.


not enough water pressure




If there are no problems of air, it may be because not enough water pressure, resulting in too little water. This is because, when the water pressure is 2Bar, standard Huai amount of water of 1.9 liters / minute, as the water pressure is lower than the standard Huai, will make the water slows down, this phenomenon is common in high-floor tenants, if the effect because the water pressure problem the water, you can consider installing a pressure pump to improve water pressure.


In fact, Dalton purification filter includes two parts, i.e., chemical and physical filtration filter. Wherein the physical means diatomaceous ceramic filter pore size filter large particulate matter, such as sand, rust, etc., but the pore size in the production been fixed, regardless of how much pressure, can be accessed through normal; and chemical filter comprises a carbon adsorption of chlorine process and other harmful substances, if the water pressure is relatively smaller, adsorption will be more thorough.

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