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   With growing environmental pollution, water pollution, water purification industry is also rapidly rising, a growing number of home water purifier products favored by consumers. But the rapid development of the water industry, many people lack understanding of water purifier water purifier at the time of the contact, the family even though they have a water purifier installed there will still be a lot of questions. The following is a fresh water plus intelligent whole house water purification for all the doubts finishing out of six questions.



   (1) Why have running water with a water purifier?

   our daily water used in the factory in line with national drinking water standards, but in the delivery process to our family in that area because of aging pipelines or tanks to clean water is not timely and other reasons assigned by the "secondary pollution" once again, we are using at home impurities in tap water contained inside is usually much beyond our imagination. Therefore, in modern society, the family installed a water purifier is better able to protect our drinking water health.

   (2) household water purifier in the end is how to purify water quality?

   we use home water purifier mainly through physical filtration filter out impurities. Compression carbon filter - - when the water reaches the home, would be the first granular activated carbon filter and then through a cotton filter impurities PP descending ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane) or the like so that the multiple filter stepwise filtered water before finally achieve water purification effect is that we drink.

   (3) impurities in the water can filter out whether a home water purifier?

   At present water purifiers available in the market come in two main household water purification: reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration water purifier water purifier. Ro reverse osmosis membrane filtration precision water purifier is generally up to 0.0001 micron, water quality is generally pure water, let us drink directly; UF water purification and filtration precision compared to the reverse osmosis water purifier is to much lower, but also its filtration accuracy 0.01 micron -0.1 micron filter is capable ofIn addition macromolecular impurities (e.g., sand, etc.) in water.

   (4) water purifier during use will not produce "waste water"?

   Usually a higher precision filter RO Reverse osmosis water purifier is a need to increase because so wash RO membrane will produce a certain percentage of "waste water", but when we use should be noted that: Although known as "waste water", but actually through activated carbon and PP cotton such as water filter cartridge, its water quality than tap water to come home "clean", so we can all waste collected for other purposes (such as flushing toilets and mopping the floor, etc.).

   (5) ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis machine in the end which is better?

   compared to the anti-RO water purifier ultrafiltration for osmotic water purifier higher filtration accuracy, almost 98% of the impurity filter the water, and filtered water is drinkable, if the coupled line machine, our daily life will be more convenient and hygienic. Ultrafiltration water purifier can not filter out small organic molecules and heavy metals, but not easy to prosperity wastewater, potable after long heating. And we can be set according to their own circumstances at the time of purchase, of course, whether we ultrafiltration or reverse osmosis water purification machines are suitable for municipal tap water, relatively speaking, is tap water purification again.

   (6) clean drinking water is not really conducive to our health it?

   It is said that long-term drinking pure water purification lack Mine substances, is not conducive to our bodys health. This argument lacks adequate scientific basis. As compared with any kind of food, the human body through drinking water intake of minerals can be described as minimal, such as eat an apple intake of minerals is equivalent to drink thousands of bottles of mineral water.

   and water in the body which is to help the body to deliver nutrients discharged "waste", the greater the role of drinking water does not contain impurities. So for us, and clean water is the primary problem.

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