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   water purifier can direct you to drink? The answer is yes. However, not long-term drinking.




summer, a variety of water purification equipment also began selling on the market. Recent complaints about water purification equipment is not "pure" significantly increased. 12315 people in the survey found that market a wide range of water purifiers, much the same function, the magnitude of the price range from hundred to million, however, is not all that out of the water purifier can be called pure water? Yes not out of any water purifier can direct drinking water


Q:?? is not any water purifier can drink directly out of the water


a 1: after purification of household water purifiers its purity and regular bottled water filling production line is the same as the water is safe to drink. However, household water purification filter elements to be cleaned regularly, prolonged use will reduce the filtering effect, also produces odor. In order to ensure the filtering effect, depending on the water source to the filter washed once in about two months.


A 2: If you are using a reverse osmosis water purifier, direct drinking water is, if using ultrafiltration, preferably heated to say, because the bacteria can not afford to ultrafiltration filter the reverse osmosis can.


A 3: Not every water purifier can purify drinking water out, mainly to see Purifying water purification machines used and the materials used. For example, commonly used activated carbon, a difference will be imported and domestically. Recently the Ministry of Health of imported brands were examined, many imported brands of water purification machines have suffered different problems, but I personally feel that the excellent quality of a product, with a better than no good, better than tap water is much better now.


A 4: central water purifier filter out bacteria in the water chlorine and other harmful substances, but not to drinking water standards, a terminal can filter water purifier small viruses harmful substances in water filtered achieved by direct drinking standard.


A 5: Family purifier purifying capability is limited, the water is large production technology using membrane permeation, wherein the particulate filter just one step only. Large production of water filtration than mere particles to be clean and more, is simply not a level, can not be compared. Water suggests that the family water purifier to drink after boiling.


through these presentations, I believe you know the water purifier can drink it directly to the knowledge of it. You also promise that you will ask: Families withNecessary to install a water purifier it? Xiao Bian recommend you based on what little knowledge of home drinking water should not blindly, need to decide according to their own home water quality, water quality compliance in fact is not required.




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