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   Recently, the yuan or the first phase of the summer will be marketing activities successfully concluded. The event will sell coke in Rugao moved by the town to carry out harbor village, summer is also the yuan rise will be the first stop marketing activities of the pilot. It is understood that sales will start from July 21, lasted five days, it will sell the event was a complete success.


鍏冨崌鍑€姘存満浼氶攢棣栨垬鍛婃嵎 浜屾湡鍗冲皢鐏儹寮€灞? /></p><p>   per liter in the marketing team of professional traders, will sell extremely strong field, the scene turnover exceeded 100 units, once again witnessed the yuan or professional marketing team to market mode of operation maturity and success, while giving a taste of the local villagers per liter brands strength and influence. </p><p>  <p style=鍏冨崌鍑€姘存満浼氶攢棣栨垬鍛婃嵎 浜屾湡鍗冲皢鐏儹寮€灞? width=

   activity on the first day, the yuan or the site will sell it attracted a lot of onlookers villagers, activities continued into the third day, more and more villagers from the other in succession admiring the village, came to watch the experiment Da Qidi water quality.


鍏冨崌鍑€姘存満浼氶攢棣栨垬鍛婃嵎 浜屾湡鍗冲皢鐏儹寮€灞? width=

   Why are there so many villagers admiring it?

   Originally, the site will sell, the yuan or professional marketing personnel at the scene electrolyte so many experiments the villagers word of mouth, more and more attracted onlookers villagers. Through the experiment, the villagers drinking water quality status at a glance. Then, it was found that, after subsequent filtration of water per liter water purifier, crystal clear, without the slightest impurities. So that the presence of the villagers felt per liter water purifier powerful filtering capabilities.


鍏冨崌鍑€姘存満浼氶攢棣栨垬鍛婃嵎 浜屾湡鍗冲皢鐏儹寮€灞? width=

   "So we usually drink water so dirty!" The villagers Lee for the first time witnessed the situation of water quality under the electrolyte experiment, he said, but now I realize that clean water the importance, but it is not too late. Mr. Lee on the spot bought a water purifier per liter, and introduce their friends and relatives to buy.

   will sell the scene, like the case of Lee and many villagers, many villagers have a single site, the meta-liter water purifier wonderful reflection of the home. Successfully carried out


鍏冨崌鍑€姘存満浼氶攢棣栨垬鍛婃嵎 浜屾湡鍗冲皢鐏儹寮€灞? width=

   The event will sell, on the one hand for the local people to bring a healthy way of drinking water, sent health, on the other hand also for the yuan rise further develop the local water purifier market has laid a foundation. At the same time, with the success of a marketing activities will be the next two marketing activities will be launched one after another in various towns Rugao, let us wait and see.

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