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   In the appliance industry, water purification products are a special existence, on the one hand, from the users attention to water pollution, water purification products popularity quickly; on the other hand, thousands of production and marketing enterprises, have faced great potential, and the standard is not yet perfect market, product quality is uneven, making the price confusion, hype, no after-sales service, and many other chaos became the water industry label. 2018, the industry standard QB / T4143-2018 "household and similar uses ultrafiltration water purifier" and QB / T4144-2018 "household and similar uses reverse osmosis water purifier" to complete the revised standard will regulate the production of water purification products, sales, and point the way to upgrade the quality and clarity of consumption.


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   In addition to industry standards, national standards for water purification products has been improved, especially with regard to mandatory safety standards have been put on the agenda, companies need to focus on. May 23, 2018, China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute and Testing Technology Research Institute Lu Jianguo in an interview with "electrical" reporter said that at present, water purification product safety standards have been approved and should be drafted. The standard is very important for the water industry. Because the industry had more emphasis on health standards, safety standards relate mainly to GB4706.1-2005 "Household and similar electrical appliances," the general requirements for standards, the lack of water purification equipment professional safety standards. Because in the past the industry is more concerned about the health document, but in accordance with the standardized method, the water industry must have a mandatory safety standards. "The reason why for many years did not improve safety standards, partly because the industry is more concerned about health issues, partly because of early water purification device is not electricity." Lu Jianguo said.

   It goes without saying the importance of safety standards, R & D Director of Philips Water Purifier Division Wang Yong believes that safety standards are necessary, but for all companies should be concerned with electrical standards, Philips is your safety in mind . He believes that today water purification equipment increasingly complex, many functions, more and more electrical components, also increased security risks, if companies do not pay attention to the safety of consumers and the industry is very negative.

   talking about how to develop good safety standards, Lu Jianguo said, "the special requirements of household and similar electrical appliances safe drinking water purification device" will highlight electric shock, heat hazard, mechanical hazards prevention, anti fire risk, the risk of poisoning prevention five aspects. "The core of the preparation or improve product qualityVolume, consumer confidence, and promote the development of the industry. "Lu Jianguo said," From the data, water purification product failure rate of about 30%, with safety standards landing, if enterprises do not pay attention to product quality and safety, there will be half of the companies were eliminated. "

   It is understood that, since November 2018, issued by the AQSIQ, the State Standards Committee GB34914-2017" reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency rating of "national standards will be formally implemented, Prior to count involving environmental protection, health, hygiene standards and begin the project of "special requirements of household and similar electrical appliances safe drinking water purification device", mandatory standards for water purification unit has been basically complete. Lu Jianguo expected, according to planning, "the special requirements of household and similar electrical appliances safe drinking water purification device" will be completed in the drafting of June 2019, and released in the first half of 2020. "after this critical standard, the next step is to promote water purification products CCC certification. "Lu Jianguo said.

   being drafted for the" special requirements of household and similar electrical appliances safe drinking water purification device, "many companies do not know much about .CILLY Mizuno Pangya Hui Li, general manager, said Standard meaning there is support for high-quality companies, supervised and promote the upgrading of the role of non-standard business he further told the "electrical" reporter:. "in general, national standards mandatory standards more, but tend to lower the threshold, the national standard is so that the interests of the vast majority of stakeholders within the industry can meet the requirements, or through efforts to meet the requirements. At present, the water purification industry standard is mostly recommended standards. Can be found from the water industry this year, the market surveillance and supervision work, the relevant departments in accordance with industry standards and more determined. "Pangya Hui believes that the introduction of standards for the industry is a good thing, we have a reference scale basis and can be self-examination

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