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   You know, water purifier filter replacement time is it?

   As we focus on healthy living, water purifiers become an essential household goods home. However, many times, always assume that filter water purifier may not have been replaced. In fact, any brand of water purifier filter is replaced periodically Similarly, water purification specialists -! Dalton water purifier, it also needs, water purifier filter replacement time in the end is how long

   [!? 123] may be, we still do not understand the structure of Dalton diatomaceous ceramic filter element ......

鍑€姘村櫒 Dalton water purifier filter using tiny diatoms pure natural raw materials, the use of diatoms unique pore size, large particles filtered tap water contaminants, such as sand, rust; and activated carbon adsorption by color, odor, chlorine and other harmful substances; with silver ions inhibit the propagation of bacteria, heavy metals and ATS ion exchange resin is removed, multiple secondary filter potentially harmful contaminants in water, protect the safety of drinking water.

   when using a certain period of time, will be activated in the water purifier filter close to saturation, influence cartridge filter effect, to protect drinking water health, so regular replacement of water purifier filter is particularly necessary.

   That being the case, how long that changed once water purification products filter is good?

   in general, to a family of four, for example, per capita daily water intake of 2 liters (about 8 glasses of water) is calculated, the cartridge can be used is approximately 8-12 months, of course, time required depends on the particular cartridge and local water quality. He recommended, at least once a year, replace the filter.

鍑€姘存満婊よ姱 Having said that, but what am I to determine the water purifier filter changed it?

   method, see the filter thickness

   Because each wash when filter, diatoms ceramic material will vary with a contaminant layer and wipe scouring pad, the filter will become so thin. In general, when the diameter is less than 45mm, it needs to be replaced.

   The second method using the time

   in a family of four, for example, the use of approximately 8-12 months, depending on local water quality and water availability.

   Three methods where the water

   the filter layer is hindered due to contaminants, the water will become increasingly small, such as after repeated washing, and the normal pressure, and excluding theAir factor, the water flow is still slow, represents indeed the replacement of the filter.

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