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   August 1, 2019, by the Chinese home building materials industry authoritative media platform Teng Wang network media joint gold hedgehog Investment Network, the Chinese integrated kitchen network, the whole house custom network, Teng Wang plate network, Teng Wang doors and windows network, Teng Wang diatoms mud network, Wang Teng water purification network, Wang Teng Teng Wang top wall network and the doors of the nine industry portal network, jointly planned and sponsored the first "Golden hedgehog Award" Chinese building materials industrys top ten brands levy election campaign was officially launched!


event details and registration, please click on the election >>>>>>>>>>> www.chinajcw.com

   Golden hedgehog Award

   "gold" and gold medal synonymous, "hedgehog" sacred symbol of good fortune. "Golden Hedgehog" is a symbol of home building materials industry supreme honor. Golden Hedgehog Award in recognition of outstanding contributions to the home building industry and industry figures to lead the home building industrys leading brand established, is the most authoritative Chinese home building industry, the most professional industry awards.

   This year, my countrys home building industry is developing rapidly, the industry scale faster. As the highest market, one of the most competitive industries, the current number of home building materials market brand after another. According to the Institute for Prospective Industry statistics show that the total number of home building materials business is about 520,000, of which 5,000 yuan mainstream assets of 67.5%, more than million businesses accounting for 8.5%. Golden Hedgehog Award not only faithfully reflected in the various segments of the building materials industry under the brand potential and brand value, better show the value of investments and the impact of the enterprise.

   convergence of home building materials industry quality brand, the inaugural Golden Hedgehog Award will uphold a fair, open and just principle, strictly abide by the rules of selection, comprehensive consideration of working years enterprises, registered capital, store data, honor patents related certification, integrated data network voting and other important parameters, competing for the integrated kitchen, the whole house custom, wooden doors, top walls, doors and windows, diatom mud, water purifiers, sheet metal eight industries top ten brands. Golden Hedgehog Award spirit will lead the industry, enhance brand value, promote the brand culture, as consumers dig out the more outstanding industry brand. Strong

   selected elements

   a high degree of brand recognition, industry influence, high reliability franchisee investment, consumer good reputation, product quality, best-selling products market.

   Selection Process

   EnterprisesIndustry Registration: August 1, 2019 - August 20

   Internet voting: August 21, 2019 - September 10

   Golden Hedgehog Prize: September 2019 11 - The September 25

   Golden hedgehog Award top ten brands published: September 26, 2019

   selection Description

   First, the participating companies must be associated with home building materials the production or distribution units.

   Second, the participating companies must fill out the application form eligible candidates to ensure authenticity and accuracy of the information submitted.

   Third, the participating units was sent to a comment you agree to abide by the rules set by the organizer.

   Fourth, the organizer reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.

   Fifth, the brand must be a participating brand quality supervision department organization code units and business sector registered legitimate businesses owned, offices and shop fronts have direct contact with consumers.


   1. Online application

   intention of participating companies by visiting voting page URL (www.chinajcw.com), enter the "Golden Hedgehog Award" campaign page to submit registration;

   2 application under the line

   by direct contact the organizing committee to fill in the registration form to participate in the registration;

   registration phone: 400-966-0563 / 0563- 4,025,128

   registration QQ: 23321823/23321824

   3 registration is recommended

   recommended by the relevant industry associations institutions, experts and scholars of outstanding industry enterprises to enter registration.

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