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domestic water purification industry development so far, nearly 30 years of history, and there are several domestic water purifier brand has grown up, in terms of market share, it has begun to import net international water brand caused great pressure.


However, although the domestic water purifier market share has occupied the absolute advantage, but in terms of brand awareness and brand management system there are still plenty of room for improvement, there is a great brand with international gap.

   For many domestic water purifier brand leader for marketing and brand building management system is ignorant of the night. They only know, be able to sell the product is successful, the other, is simply too lazy to put in some effort and resources to invest.

   As the water purifier market gradually entered a mature stage, the industry is no longer a sellers absolute right to speak initially occupied by a water purifier manufacturers. And water purifier brand all over the country, according to statistics has exceeded 4500. With so many brands of water purifiers, have health permits manufacturers will not be more than 1000 other illicit production or is, or is looking for other OEM manufacturers.

   Overall, domestic water purifier brand, not only in terms of comparative international brand building brand at a disadvantage, but also in terms of marketing and management system is also at a very distinct disadvantage, a lot of water purifier brand or non-existent do not have a systematic impact management system, just reimbursing emphasize the product sold.

   After 20 years of development, industry, water purification technology has gradually matured, many technologies are universal. Thus, in the technical aspects of domestic brands with international brands there is no gap. The real gap is reflected in both marketing management and brand building. If done well in marketing management for brand building is helpful.

   for the water purifier market, various functions and different filter accuracy of complex product categories, different regions and different needs of the population, so the objective requires water purifier brands must be open of the marketing concept. The marketing idea to have openness must establish a marketing system in close contact with the market consumption habits.

   water purifier brand building is not an overnight can be done, the same marketing management system is not perfect between the moment. Mature international brand marketing and management experience in the market can be used as reference, but not scripted, but be flexible depending on the change in objective circumstances.

   with a mature marketing management system, water purifier enterprises in brand building will be of great help.

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