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"spend money on health, or installing a water purifier it!"


public Wang calls asking, online selling a certain brand of water purifier less than two thousand dollars, and Xuzhou Monopoly stores the same product will have to 2800 yuan, you can buy this product? The very fact that people call to ask, but also clean water and pure water is soft water, you really do not know what type to buy a water purifier good? Mr. Liu asked to call the new city, I heard a confidential waste water purification, the general water purifier is not all a waste water, waste water it seriously, is there no water purifier waste water? For these problems, "home" has been introduced related to water purification products, to allow more owners to better understand the water purification products, Xiao Bian again to tell you about.


net purchase of water purification machines, feasible?


online shopping has become a new fashion, but on closer inspection you will find that content online shopping more fire and more focused on apparel and other small pieces. Although household appliances, furniture and other products began to Internet sales, but most of the sale disputes are concentrated in electronics and household appliances, etc., in which household items because it involves the installation, service, warranty and other issues, has been the most difficult to solve content one. Online shopping public water purifier line mentioned Mr. Wang does not work, we do not say a bad purchase network, but the owners should be noted that most of the shop is not to provide installation services and after-sales service, brand name products installation and after-sales service general should fall to maintain the store, so online shopping need to be careful to do.


wastewater is important, or important health?


to see the supermarket assortment of water purifiers, sales hype, Bahrain can direct drinking water from the tap water, is that right? Home with a new pot, boil water after each has its residue, Bahrain purifier not have this phenomenon yet?


It is said that to install to install ultrafiltration membranes, ultrafiltration membranes you know what is it? It is said that to install to install AO film, then you know Shajiao AO film it? Others say the economic conditions allow to install a bar, when you spend money on healthier! Counting on the community to address pollution, water purification through home developers expect, I do not know needs "of these years," the! Xuzhou As a citizen, you know what to eat and drink water every day you healthy?


for health, water purifier also installed


Mr Li said: "In June last year, I loaded the film with Ro,It is a comparison of costs of water, waste water discharge and more, but you can keep flushing the toilet, mopping the floor, but added no waste. Filter and then boil drinking, pot almost a year and no scale. Replaced the filter shocked me, dirty ah! Are usually filtered with drink and porridge, vegetables dishes are original with a water pipe, very convenient. I also saw last year in the water there are a lot of dirt was installed. Adults say, but the child is still small, can not let them from an early age to drink this water, more than hurt the body ah? I might not give him the biggest house, live in luxury, but I just want to do my best to let him rest assured drink clean water. "

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