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  Water purification industry to make quick money era is over Author: Tim net water purifier Views: 498 Published: 2017-12-14 9:57:51 on different occasions, different people can be heard on the issue of water purification an understanding of the industry, "part-time on weekends to sell water purifiers can commission a lot of ......", "water purifier industry profits we know very well ......." Water purification industry has attracted hundreds of different sectors of the influx of business, compete for the gaps in the market cake. But it is undeniable, water purification market competition becomes more intense, the overall market is also getting into the specification road. Trying to rely on speculation, earn quick money companies and brands have been difficult to survive in this area. Todays water industry has been gradually standardized, on the right track. Flow, water purification better and better as the worsening pollution of water resources, improve the peoples quality of life requirements for health, water purification business is a timely act. Pollution first, then governance, many developed countries have gone through the process of industrialization in such a way. China 30 years of industrialization has made brilliant achievements, but it is undeniable, the environment is also paid no small price. 2016 China State of Environment show that in 2016, 6124 groundwater quality monitoring sites in the country, the water quality is good grade, good grade, good grade, poor and very poor grade level monitoring sites accounted for 10.1%, 25.4%, 4.4%, 45.4% and 14.7%. This means that more than 60% of the groundwater quality is poor. At the same time, rapid economic development, stimulated people higher demands on the health and quality of life. Today, consumption upgrade is the general trend. During the Thirteen Five, China will be building a moderately prosperous society, per capita national income is in the worlds middle-income to high-income level transition. With the increase in income, consumption structure of urban and rural residents will transition to a higher level. In the process of upgrading the entire consumer, consumer demand will no longer be from scratch, but from there to turn good. There is no doubt that water purification products in the consumer category. The PRC consumer survey results show that nearly 90% of consumers think that the need to purify drinking water in the home, the more it is worth mentioning that 90.5% of consumers believe that the home will need to install a water purifier. PRC, according to data from the beginning of 2014, the water purifier market has maintained double-digit growth. 2017, water purifier market will reach33.6 billion yuan, an increase of 21%. Now, for the Chinese market, water purifier penetration rate is less than 3%, the market outlook is quite substantial. Standard perfect, clean water purification technology iteration, although the market generally optimistic about the future, but some of the current market chaos is also of concern. However, with sound industry standards and improvement of the water purifier market is gradually becoming standardized. In the water purification market, products with excellent reverse osmosis purification filter, the largest market share, and gradually showing stronger trends. PRC, according to the data lines, the market share of the line reverse osmosis water purification device has more than eighty percent. But the problem of reverse osmosis water-efficient products and consumers has been the focus of attention in the industry. In order to improve water conservation capacity and reduce the rate of waste water, promote the rapid development of the industry, November 2, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the National Standardization Management Commission formally issued GB 34914-2017 "reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency limit value and water efficiency grade". It is understood that the standard for the water industrys first mandatory standard will be officially implemented from November 1, 2018. The standard specifies the aspect of water effective method for detection and calculation, on the other hand the effect of water into five, and set the ratio of water aquaculture net red, water efficiency limit value of 35%, that is, a new after the implementation of the national standard, where the net aquatic water rate less than 35% of RO reverse osmosis water purifier, even substandard products. The new national standard by setting water efficiency limit will eliminate some high-water products, the implementation of the new national standard will also RO reverse osmosis water purifier market has brought a technological upgrade. Water purifier market forced the company to meet the industrial innovation stage, water-efficient new national standard will be introduced to upgrade Forced water industry, high-tech, high-quality water purification products will be recognized by the market, low-end OEM, non-core technology water purifier brand will gradually be abandoned. Water purification industry will move toward stability in mature integration.

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