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social progress and better standards of living, so that more people begin to enjoy life. The growing demand for water purifiers increments, making the water industry more and more popular. Let all of a sudden become a good water purifier industry in the 21st century, a good project, a good choice, attracted many prospectors flocked. In fact, want to do a business is not so easy, is the same water purifiers, water purification agents franchisee to sustained profitability, not only need to pay hard Han River and wisdom, while also trying to adhere to long-term water purification project on the one hand to stabilize and improve service to existing customers profits later, the other side needs to add a night of new customers in the form of advertising, while the buddy pleasant service support our customers in expanding relationships basis on a flexible way to improve sales performance and good reputation in order to have good performance.

   As the saying goes "easy entry into the line hard" water purification agents franchisees how to continue to make money, how to ensure sustained profitability and investment security money to avoid risks, water purifier company is very much a topic to explore, below Based on years of experience and lessons learned out of the points, the desire to help more water purification agents to join.

   The first point: Select the storefront address

   selection of stores is very important, it is a water purifier household items, so water purifiers to join the agency shop the best choice for more residents and comprehensive community focused, high-grade mature residential, transportation convenient store location, ensuring that users out of convenience; storefront eye-catching, easy to advertising, allowing users at a glance. Also do regular community promotion or promotional activities, often free of water quality tests done for the masses of water and health knowledge counseling. Let more people understand water purifier this thing.

   The second point: the brand of choice

   water purification agents franchisee at the time of the primary cooperative sure to choose a good brand. Because good brand technology, visibility and sales channels are very mature. There is also a good brand can control costs magnify profits to reduce initial investment risk. Another good brands and manufacturers can leverage resources to promote sales.

   The third point: to understand the management will be operating

   any business to be a product and market management, water purifiers is no exception, at the appropriate time to do promotional programs, a aspects on the one hand increase the popularity promote sales. At the same time as a shop ToPeople, product management and marketing, and how to differentiate competing products with better competition and promotional programs to attract or popularity, most only require a good solution, a good operational activities and even help you sell a half-year sales.

   The fourth point: a network of

   In fact, no matter what business you are in life vein ,, the more people know and to allow more people to be your friend, your product or the more wide range of business, as well as more opportunities to promote sales. It is recommended that you strive to cultivate good relationships with customers and cultivate a stable customer and increase the chances of a referral. Also we need to do a good job of customer service, customer satisfaction and arrive in high spirits back.

   Fifth: flexible sales

   any business is not static, water purifiers do more to have a method for the job. On the one hand to promote their business through hard and soft advertising, to let more people know you are doing this business. On the other hand the sale or to the courage of cooperation on innovation, leasing, distribution, selling services, selling products vary, so that end users can choose different water purification solutions according to their actual situation. Ensuring product profits, increase customer satisfaction, so that service a matter of course.

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