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With the growing water purifier market economy, marketing environment is also undergoing rapid changes in the past that as long as the money, I would sell the product, and what I produce, what time you push It has disappeared. Because it is a shortage of materials, products in short supply times, thriving enterprise. In the 21st century, due to the homogenization of water purification products, especially household water purifiers popularity triggered follow suit, as highlighted by this case. Low barriers to entry, not high tech, abundant products directly led to the "Eight Immortals, recount", because no consumer brand awareness, price war into each water purifier manufacturers the most important killer.

   However, it is at this time of transition thriving enterprise marketing environment to quickly channel is king of the marketing environment, in the process, actual product has entered the era of oversupply. Serious surplus product, each manufacturer of water purifier water purifier agents to please one side, while the price war with competitors, then it is a water purifier agents rely on their own ability to improve the sales channel and primitive accumulation of capital, who to high profits, pushed me what to sell, gradually self-centered, into the ranks of the strong. It is also in this environment, we have a sense of competition, realized the importance of brand.

   In the 21st century, in the past whether it is business, water purification agents, any thriving marketing skills or groups, have become a thing of the past, along with the market economy has become increasingly mature and competitive market becomes more intense, the transition sellers market to a buyers market, such as marketing strategy each array are gradually losing market initiative and brilliant past, in the new environment that the water purifier enterprise, water purification agents , water purifier sales staff must form a break of three marketing model, in order to map out a strategy in an increasingly competitive today, winning in thousands of miles away.

   enterprises, water purification agents just a simple relationship between the sale and purchase of the new environment, but a new "husband and wife", as a water purifier manufacturers sales staff is to maintain this relationship the "matchmaker", only enterprises, water purification agents, sales personnel form the Trinity, the facilities of their job, give full play to their respective advantages, the full division, to share, to share the letter, in order to survive in todays highly competitive and development, in order to achieve win-win marketing cooperation situation.

   First of all, if the market is a battlefield, The enterprise is headquarters of the battlefield, to manufacture a good bullet is the minimum prerequisite (water purifier product quality), that is, make a "sell the product", but also to fully analyze the poor strength of the opposing sides of (competing products , brand, product positioning, price), to develop a reasonable tactic against competing products (marketing plan) so that they occupy a favorable advantage, get the most effective return. The most important profit center in this one, that is, to more protection of their own interests, but also to protect the interests of water purification agents, because any single win situation unlikely to develop sustainable, so companies have to develop a competitive sales incentive policy, to ensure continuity of water purification agents a reasonable profit margin.

   Second, in addition to water purification agents should give full play to the basic responsibilities of its own channel, distribution, service and so on, that is, "bought products", it is important to water purification agents must be kept with the company good communication, fully understand and enforce corporate policies, not their own array, because the operators of any product if it is not able to get the support of enterprises, water purification agents alone hand, is almost impossible to win in the fierce competition in the market Therefore, how to determine whether the agent is a water purifier water purifier qualified agents have "two must" that will know, will move. We will know that meticulous fully understand the business content of the product policy, promotion plan. That will move water purification agents to be effective implementation of corporate policies, programs and plans that both are necessary. After

   Finally, is our sales staff, in fact, be explained by the basic conditions for enterprises and water purification agents cooperation and win, you will find the role of salespeople in the middle of bear, is a "nexus" the role is a bridge responsibility is to instill the companys philosophy, policies, guidelines to water purification agents, water purification agents really stay consistent with the company, namely "promoting good product" to assist water purification agents expand the market, good regulation of the market, making the market more professional in the operation, first of all, to realize water purification agents, is not a simple buyer-seller relationship between us, we are an interdependent to survive cooperation partnership (ie husband and wife), has introduced new products, as a water purifier agent has the responsibility to promote, and if your own intuition alone, do not take the market speak, it would not promote the theme of water purification agents. If in accordance with the companys plan to promote, and ineffective, and that is the responsibility of the company, the company will be responsible in the endLet water purifier agents at ease as much as possible promotion. The final step is the water purifier agents needs and market conditions feedback to the company, so that enterprises can develop more effective and targeted marketing policies and marketing strategies.

   After the above companies, water purification agents, salespeople want to shut elaborate, we will find throughout the marketing chain in three separate groups, in fact, is an interdependent whole, but also a prerequisite for achieving the policy, only the three populations for effective integration, Trinity, playing a unity of thinking in unison the entire break, in order to accelerate the pace of water purifier brand strategy, because only together can produce endless tension.

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