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  What is a water softener? It is necessary to install water softeners do? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 252 Published: 2018-12-1 16:23:17 When we buy a home water purifier, whole house water purifiers will hear the need to complete water softeners, water machine, RO water purification machines, etc., is not confused? But it does not matter then we take you one by one to explain what a water softener! However, when we go on the market, you will find a common household water treatment products are mainly RO reverse osmosis machine (pure water) and ultrafiltration (water purifier), then what causes the water softener in the market We are not the most talked about products? For the introduction of the water softener, the market has a variety of publicity, generally a water softener can be more gentle filtration; damaged cleaning of small goods, especially the high-end clothing, bath cabinets, and the like; skin, hair good protection, there is a certain cosmetic effect ...... water softener seems to be the best choice for our trip home. Perhaps the most fundamental reason is: filtered water softener is mainly used for washing with water, can not drink. Well, today we bring everyone together to learn more about the differences between the lower water softeners and water softener and water purifier, facilitate better integration of their needs to buy, so good water purifier which brand becomes confused clouds. First, what is the water softener water softener must first talk about when it comes to hard water, we often say that the hard water refers to the water of calcium and magnesium ion content is too high, a common phenomenon that can boil water after the formation of white powder, hard water actually health does not cause direct harm, but not recommended for long-term consumption of high water hardness, especially in infants and young children, in addition to high water hardness water such feel, taste is not good; it is because of hard water has some disadvantages, so only the water softening; soft water also came into being. Principle common water softener water softener to soften There are two main techniques in our technical difference between the two chemical softening ion exchange techniques in accordance with principles and methods of physical water softener, ion exchange techniques chemical means: water is removed by ion exchange resins in calcium , magnesium ion, water hardness reduction; physical method of demineralized water are: calcium and magnesium ions is packed into crystals present in the water by high energy ball polymerization, so as not to scaling in water, this technique is also known as nanocrystalline technology. Water softener necessary? Softener and water compared withA very clear taste and feel, soft high oxygen content and low hardness, which can effectively prevent gallstone disease, reduce heart, kidney burden, healthy. Soft water shower, shampoo, wash your face, smooth and delicate, especially in infants and young childrens skin with a protective effect, but also the beauty, hair, skin care investment to get a multiplier effect. Clean washed laundry soft, fluffy, bright, no sense of smell and the residue was washed laundry prolong life for more than 15%. Soft wash tableware, tea sparkling, washbasin, no bathtub in dirty, can save a lot of detergent, and very labor-saving.

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