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   is the source of drinking water wells in many families, how to do it in the end? Xiao Bian introduce you to detect how well water there is poison.




I would like to ask you. How can I get from home to detect the well water is healthy. What is safe to drink water before, unhealthy water, what characteristics? In order to relieve users of the doubt, 2020-06-04 Xiao Bian gave you tell us about how well water detected there is poison.


Method One:


PH test strips can only see the pH, the water would have a direct hit to the Food and Drug Administration tests, because there is no direct or reagent strip test whether toxic, so in order to For your health and your familys detection youd better go to food and Drug Administration.


Method two:


The first reaction is needles probation (see more fighting palace sequelae), ...... Some will emit toxic odor, easier to discern; theres well water You will therefore also can see muddy. Of course, you can ask whether residents near the well water after drinking will make people ill, to look into whether the nearby sewage plant to affect water quality here.


household drinking water Tips: you need to be disinfected well water


If the water is contaminated at, and disinfect the wells at is useless, a new water sterilization is still the same band bacteria, therefore, this case is more advantageous water disinfection end. Non-life direct drinking water, disinfected with bleach and other fungicides can be.


It should be noted that the indirect consumption of water, be sure to use food-grade disinfectant, disinfectant in strict accordance with the amount of instructions, put on disinfectant, it is best to let the water stand in an open container in 24 hour or more, so that residual chlorine evaporate.


Through the above description, you are sure to have well water safety knowledge to understand it. But the safety of drinking water in the small knowledge base that remind you to note that, in order to secure the best drinking more at home in the installation of household water purifiers to prevent sudden changes in water quality affect health.




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