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   "urban water environment quality rankings technical regulations (draft)" has issued to the community for comments. How water environment quality of the rankings? Should learn from the practice of air quality rankings? In this regard, the industry conducted some comparison and analysis.


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urban water environment quality rankings reflect differences in management is the key (Photo from Internet)

   How to reflect local conditions, the water-specific differences in management is the key

   since Chinas urban air quality rankings since the implementation has achieved good results, to a certain extent, be able to catch up with advanced spur lagging cities. But note that the same standard is a prerequisite for air quality rankings, because execution is all over the country are two types of air quality standards. The surface water standard is different, surface water standards throughout the execution of the currently divided into five different, there are differences of water, as well as rivers, lakes protection indicators. In view of this, I believe, the urban water environment quality for greater rank than the ambient air quality rankings difficulty, how to reflect local conditions, the water-specific differences in management is the key.

   If the national rankings to perform the same standard, urban water quality index to 鈪?Functional water as a baseline, which is Chinas sub-functions to achieve water quality standards "high standard high-function area protection, low standard to protect low functional areas," the objectives and the principle is different, there may even be the last situation With 鈪? 鈪?class urban waters will always function in the rankings. In 1983 surface water quality standard requires national waters are to achieve functional class 鈪?water standards in 1999, revised in 2002 requires only drinking water standard, executive-level protection 鈪?鈪?Functional water standards. If the implementation of the national rankings the same standards, city water quality index to Class 鈪?water as a baseline, mean that the national waters should meet drinking water standards 鈪?level protected areas, so too difficult to implement.

   need to further explore how science city set up water quality index

   If the water quality index for urban fashion and plus individual indicators index, it should be the single factor evaluation results with existing national standards for surface water It should describe the project requirements and excessive excessive multiples are not consistent. If only a single index and index added, will make compliance and exceeding factor confused. International commonly used in water quality evaluation Nemerow index was excessive influence of outstanding value, with a value exceeding squared plus other index value indexSquared, divided by 2 after prescribing practices. Beijing AQI and air quality index is a maximum mass of air pollutants sub-indices (IAQI), thereby projecting a superscalar factors and excessive extent. I believe that, in the design of water quality index calculation method should also be prominent factor and excessive excessive degree, and not simply the compliance factor exceeding factor equal superposition, promote water quality in order to achieve full compliance, improve water environmental quality objectives.

   In addition, because a lot of water peak, flat, dry season features obviously have a greater impact on water quality, for which the existing national surface water standards, water quality of the watershed should be evaluated. If you ignore the characteristics of Chinese natural areas, especially the impact on river flow monsoon climate brought about by China, will evaluate the water quality in the urban labor, natural conditions Dualistic Water Cycle misleading.

   on lake and reservoir water quality evaluation should be based on total nitrogen, total phosphorus, chlorophyll A, and other indicators focus on transparency. But the national surface water standard has not been included in all of these indicators. Therefore, the assessment of reservoir water can not simply apply the existing standards, evaluation criteria should be related to eutrophication of lakes and reservoirs, to determine the index calculated on the basis of prevention of eutrophication of lakes and reservoirs angle value based on partition surveys lakes and reservoirs in my country. The purpose

   to promote the parties to strengthen water pollution control by ranking, to improve the water quality of the environment

   In the industry view, urban surface water quality ranking, as long as the river basin and reflect a new model of regional integration, good water bad water two grasping new ideas, government purchase of service quality standards to match the new requirements. Follow the water pollution control top design objective ranking contribute to the formation parties together to achieve the purpose to promote the parties to strengthen water pollution control through the rankings, to improve the water quality of the environment.

   1, announced the standard list of cities

   According to state-controlled sections, the water quality of cities across the country was involved in compliance of all standards of the city. Because in compliance cities, a hierarchy is not necessary. The purpose is to ensure environmental protection on the water standards, it is necessary to prevent insufficient protection, but also to prevent over-protection.

   2, water quality downgrade announced the list of cities

   In order to prevent the emergence of relegation has been compliance waters, water quality should publish an annual list of downgraded the city and water, also announced the downgrade project and measured concentrations. How much can and downgrade the level of concentration of direct ranked according to downgrade the project.

   3,Published water quality exceeded the list of cities

   For the waters of the city has exceeded the project, according to the excessive number of projects, each project exceeded the single index, calculated exceeded the index. For example, multiply the number of items exceeded the sum exceeded the index is a very simple method of ranking, but also to achieve the purpose of publicity exceeded the city.

   on environmental quality ranking can indeed play a role in motivation and encouragement, but the ranking of standard design to be cautious, to adhere to the new thinking in watershed basis, and constantly improve the technology and methods, must not become a dead letter to rank . (Source: HC)

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