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   Dong Mingzhu, sighed with relief! She had vowed to fight in the end of the Oaks, in nearly a year later, the end result of the use of energy efficiency labeling false propaganda was fined $ 100,000 and ordered to correct. Dong Mingzhu, but perhaps at the moment and there is not much joy, because Gree is suffering heavy losses.

   According to Dong Mingzhu said Gree loss of 20 billion yuan in February! Even more frustrating is that an unexpected "late spring" spread to the entire appliance industry! The crisis, in accelerated approach.

   layoffs, pay cuts, "cold" after the enterprise beings from the phase

   appliance industry feel the "cold" direct manifestation is presenting many companies of varying masses of chaos. Layoffs, pay cuts, sales slump, revenues dropped, profits plummeted and so on, and instantly emerge.

   signs of the outbreak of each industry downturn is more corporate layoffs, pay cuts. For example, in February this year, in March, second-hand car electricity supplier industry suffered heavy losses, large search the car, excellent letter of used cars, second-hand cars and other seeds have been through layoffs, pay cuts and other drastic action, try to weather the difficult times. Today, household electrical appliance enterprises into collective layoffs, pay cuts tide.

   such as Hisense transferred to cut 10,000 jobs, although the number of layoffs Hisense official strongly denied, but admitted to stabilize the performance through the bottom out of employees. In fact, this is another way of saying layoffs. Hisense identified 10,000 data were not true, but the fact that the default layoffs. Meanwhile, the official also said that Hisense executives also take a pay cut to take the lead, trying to stabilize the situation.



   Another Haier household electrical appliance enterprises have also been rumors of layoffs for the Internet, but also apparently because of difficulties encountered, and to launch a large pay cut trick. Haier Group CEO from general manager to president and then to the field, both voluntarily give performance pay to ensure that front-line employee benefits.

   In addition to layoffs, pay cuts, household electrical appliance enterprises also face more serious problems. Dong Mingzhu, Gree this year represents a decline in output must be only on the loss of 20 billion yuan in February in an interview. Sichuan Changhong released 2019 annual results notice, an estimated loss of 45 million yuan last year to 6,500 yuan, down about 80% -86% year on year. Skyworth Groups latest published unaudited report shows that last year revenue of 37.277 billion yuan, 5.08% decrease year on year.

   More importantly,From the overall performance of the appliance industry point of view, the situation is very difficult. April 5, according to Ovid cloud network (AVC) released the latest data show that the first quarter of this year, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, freezers four major categories of white encounter online, offline sales overall shrinking market size white overall retail sales fell about 45%.

   black market, too, was a quarter of the entire TV retail volume is expected to 8.74 million units, down 27.3% year on year, down from the previous forecast value epidemic 2.56 million units. At the same time, Orville cloud network is expected in 2020 Chinas color TV market will further shrink the size of retail sales, annual retail sales 46,130,000 units, down 3.3 percent year on year; retail sales of 126.2 billion yuan, down 5.8 percent year on year, the market competition is more intense.

   Thus, the home appliance industry is facing a "late spring" very scary. Under the "late spring", a household electrical appliance enterprises can not be spared, fully showing sluggish trend.

   innovative products, lower development effort live and C2M ...... plight style all their own

   encountered difficulties household electrical appliance enterprises, particularly strong desire to survive. If layoffs, pay cuts are "sections of source" to reduce costs, then through innovative products, live force and C2M, more style all their own, it is to "open source."

   in terms of product innovation, some household electrical appliance enterprises have taken appropriate measures to fight the market to win a tough fight. The most direct expression, that is, some manufacturers to meet consumer demands and force health health appliances. For example the air can be high-temperature sterilization washing machine wash, 98% of virus disinfecting cabinet, is causing an upsurge. Hisense have also introduced new air central heating, dehumidification, inhibit mold functions, attempts to open a breach.

   Based on the epidemic under changeable and challenging market, electronics companies trying to make consumer guide under the new situation. Among them, this hot live online focus of attention of consumers, and promote live sellers floor, household electrical appliance enterprises to become effective strategy. By publishing and new electronic business platform, joint platform for consumer-oriented broadcast direct marketing, with agents and distributors unfold live broadcast will wait to order, home appliance business sellers play catch.


   such as February 29, "Gree live Feast" opened, on a variety of special product lines include home air conditioners, central air conditioners, refrigerators, empty net, and other multi-categoryproduct. In addition, Haier refrigerators allow sales director, sellers incarnation anchor, synchronous live in open vibrato, a live, Haier and other intellectual home APP platform, made a live field with a cargo of 28.33 million yuan of outstanding results. Thus, to break the shackles of traditional channels to seek more sales channels, become an integral part of the way home appliance business to survive.

   In the face of the consumer crunch in the epidemic, household electrical appliance enterprises also force C2M reverse custom, try to find a fulcrum and an important engine of their own development. Earlier, household electrical appliance enterprises mainly take large-scale manufacturing route, obviously difficult to achieve timely and tailored response to consumer demand. Custom walk through mass customization C2M reverse route, it is possible to make household electrical appliance enterprises to achieve "customized at the user-driven."

   C2M mode by completing the consumer and factory direct docking, may lead to the introduction of more consumers to buy the product, to stimulate consumption. For example, Little Swan introduced a month since listing maternal wall-mounted washing machine, washing machine market has become the mother of the core of a single product category, and the favorable rate remained at 99%.

   plus the trade-policy stimulus and other household electrical appliance enterprises to achieve "open source" brains. In fact, all kinds of style all their own, under the policy, household electrical appliance enterprises are a little bit to accumulate strength. Under

   wind Bureau, when the arrival of spring?

   caught wind Bureau of home appliances business, in fact, from the future development trend, it is possible to complete the comeback counterattack.

   From the characteristics of the household electrical appliance enterprises own point of view, compared to its Internet businesses, which are more emboldened enough to cope with the difficulties and variables. According to the deputy chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association Xu Dongsheng said that the appliance industry belong to the real economy, strong anti-risk ability. Especially in recent years, the continuous development of intelligent production, Automation of higher productivity, limited by the negative effects of production. Once resume production, the industry has the ability to make up time after falling productivity.

   appliance industry is currently difficult situation is only temporary, as long as the household electrical appliance enterprises respond properly, there is hope to make their unfavorable situation was reversed. If the adjustment is completed aspects of the product, model, channel and so on in difficult circumstances, and even household electrical appliance enterprises Forced re-evolution, so as to better adapt to the future of the environment.

   Under wind Bureau, the spring is already far. Household electrical appliance enterprises gradually stabilize the situation in the twists and turns, and finallyThe future belongs to see the light itself.

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