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  Pollution of drinking water sources of the Yangtze River threatened: Tim net water purification Views: 1162 Published: 2014-2-6 21:11:42 promote the economic development of industry, but also brought a lot of hidden dangers, there are many outfall and the citys water intake near the city, a large number of enterprises along the river pollution caused part of the citys black river stank, resulting in the Yangtze river water environment situation is very grim. According to the water quality monitoring shows that two-thirds of the provinces river water quality standards are below water, drinking water with a severe loss of function. In October, the government related to water pollution regulations were a series of checks, while drinking water sources along the Yangtze River, the industrial park, the river road, more than 30 regions for processing. According to relevant reports, the water quality of the Yangtze River in 2004, more than two Grade basically stable, but since last year, due to upstream water quality decline, leading down to the water quality of the Yangtze River downstream of the four categories, and even five inferior quality. At present, the source of drinking the Yangtze River reached at hundreds, but there are still many water did not meet. Before, drinking water sources there are still many hidden dangers. For example, the provinces total wastewater discharge 5.884 billion tons in 2012, an increase of 1.224 billion tons more than in 2004, a large sewage outfall have more than 130. Along the Yangtze River economic belt mainly chemical, metallurgical, power, textile, paper and other industries. 2012, 74% of the provinces total wastewater discharge wastewater discharge accounted for eight cities along the Yangtze River, and general industrial solid waste accounted for 71.6% of the provinces total, hazardous waste accounted for 96% of the provinces total. In this regard, law enforcement inspection team gives the rectification requirements and recommendations. Including: the provincial departments to organize and coordinate the implementation of municipal water pollution control planning of the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River Water Pollution Prevention Plan as soon as possible to carry out the preparation of "Thirteen Five" province. Governments above the county level along the Yangtze River region is mainly responsible for the negative environmental responsibility goals tenure primary responsibility for failure to accomplish a task, we must promptly criticized for causing functional degradation of water environment, should be held accountable according to the law. Meanwhile, the proposed provincial and local governments along the river in an annual increase in financial resources by a certain percentage for centralized drinking water sources and emergency construction projects to ensure drinking water safety.

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