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   home business innovation and change in the new round of economic cycle where the force, win the absolute advantage of the industry?

   in trade protectionism, globalization is expected to be turned to the period, because investment and exports for industries and businesses to boost a limited role, companies have strategic focus to consumption. In the high-speed iterative changes in the consumer market, the innovative changes are particularly important whether in the home or any other field.

   innovation and change throughout the various aspects of the production company R & D, manufacturing, marketing, as well as explore business models, channels, and new areas of industry chain. Focus home field, check which companies make breakthroughs in innovation to create change in 2019, where innovation and change will force.



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   01 new retail innovations

   In the blessing of capital, new retail innovation home circulation in full swing. Two oligarchs Macalline home stores and even homes were given new retail giant Ali capital investment and strategic cooperation, in 2019 two store brands have achieved a number of new retail projects landing.


   in May 2019, Ali invested 4.35 billion yuan stake in Redstar. Both sides agreed to set up in the construction of new retail stores, electronic business platform, logistics warehouse distribution system and installation service providers, consumer finance, and shop complex formats, pay seven areas system, information sharing and other strategic cooperation.

   this years Lynx double 11, Red Star in Nanjing, Shanghai to join Lynx home improvement "city station" to achieve online and offline hereinafter the same style, same price. In addition, the National City 6 24 stores "store digital", relying on data, refined operation. Redstar "Long-wing system" has also been achieved dock with Alibaba "meow zero POS system."

   actually home:

   Ali shares actually almost two years, from March 2018 to introduce supermarkets actually born from fresh horse box, actually began to accelerate new retail layout. 2019, the data actually under house online and offline continue to open up and reform upgrade existing stores.

   2019 double 11, the number of homes actually stores nationwide breakthrough 360, of which 110 are new retail stores, compared with the number of new retail outletsWe doubled last year. During the double-11, actually home localization platform at home "city station" expanded to five cities. In addition, "3D scene associated shopping guide" important innovation this year is the new retail transformation project to test the water.

   02, producing innovations

   for the furniture manufacturing enterprises, technological innovation to bring improve production efficiency and quality are the core businesses to Win in an uncertain environment and competition iteration. In addition, the face of changing trading environment, many companies in 2019 to step up the transfer of production and relocation of manufacturing locations.

   Because of the tax advantages environment, and the impact of labor costs and resources, trade policy adjustment, since 2018, Vietnam became the home of many Chinese enterprises popular site layout.

   In July, Samson Holding to $ 32.55 million acquisition of Vietnamese furniture factory Jolly State International Limited, a total area of 鈥嬧€?90,000 square meters of two plots will be used as a factory.

   In August, Man Wah Holdings factory located in Binh Duong province of Vietnam completed expansion in years to next year, about 80% -90% of Chinese-made can be transferred to Vietnam.

   In August, Yongyi shares announced it will invest in the construction of the second production base in Vietnam at a cost of about $ 35 million.

   In September, Gu home in Vietnam Dong Xoai III Industrial Park leased more than 12 hectares of land, plans to spend $ 50 million in the construction of an indoor wooden furniture factory.

   Industrial age 4.0 and 5G commercial progresses, domestic enterprises are also trying Herd.

   In September, Solex Solex Technology Technology invest 2 billion yuan in the construction of Zhangzhou, Fujian smart home park for the smart home, smart kitchen and other production and sales.

   In May, nine, animal husbandry strategic cooperation with Huawei to build 5G intelligent production systems. November 6, nine, animal husbandry, Huawei and Telecom jointly signed "5G wisdom manufacturing industrial park demonstration project" in Yongchun. China sanitary ware manufacturing industry began to enter the era of wisdom 5G change.

   03, channel innovation

   including custom furniture, household appliances, including household brands, have accelerated the layout in 2019 to open large stores. Large stores generally refers to thousand or more square meters of stores. Large shop model, the company offers a full productProducts, a one-stop complete with a full house, as well as more space is conducive to help companies design capacity of exhibition space, brand image and overall service levels. Enhance the customer experience, improve marketing efficiency, while also exploring innovative technologies to facilitate the business model of wisdom and retail.

   "big shop" has become the home ready to enter the business, strategy and achieve big home enhance the brand image of the experimental field.

   to customize the layout of active enterprises: Sofia 2019 first three quarters out of the 191 largest home store; also steadily increasing in Europe to send a large store layout; Margaret out of the 4000 level museum.

   In addition, the Chinese wisdom Haier 3500 square meters large stores in October stationed rich Sammy, Sammy rich in Opp out of thousands flat open smart home large stores, constant cleaning also opened a 3000 square meter flagship store.

   04, marketing innovation

   Whether it is Chinas Li Ning New York Fashion Monday hit, Xian tumbler or network-wide popular girl, all sent a signal to the market: national wind tide has swept the market. 2019, domestic enterprises in the marketing level, but also keep up with the influx of consumer culture, a series of cultural IPs build. In addition, live marketing, sports marketing and short video to become part of the development effort focused on home businesses.

   video, broadcast and IP marketing:

   EU to send publish "Share Daddy" this year, "the werewolfs Mid-Autumn trouble 3" Harvest reputation and influence, and has formed IP series. Still product delivery layout of multiple accounts on the vibrato short video APP, as of now the number has been billions of dollars of fans.

   on the 2019 pairs 11, Macalline, home, still product delivery, good wife, and many other household brands include testing the waters between Taobao, the major broadcast platform for live broadcast marketing, drainage unprecedented efforts the number of viewing involved almost reached one million.

   Guochao cultural marketing:

   still product delivery with the Forbidden City palace culture combined to create a new Chinese joint space "beautiful Oriental" series, to create a new Chinese-style home.

   Redstar and net red meticulous style photographer with Sun county Southern Tang paintings "Han Banquet map" is a source of inspiration, the use of modern elements to restore the scene at that time, to attract younger age groups.

   event, event marketing:

   from the Expo in DubaiCountry roadshow to Beijing Daxing airport put into operation, the Chinese womens volleyball team to the FIBA, home business marketing team are getting better at marketing to seize the key node of hot events and sports events, to enhance the brand influence by hand or strategic event marketing.

   05, service innovation

   home industry has the characteristics of both products and services, regardless of the furniture business, home store or home improvement company, its services related to pre-sale, sale, sale, including design, measuring a number of links, logistics, installation, maintenance, renovation and transformation. Therefore, service innovation is also seen as more and more domestic enterprises to new competitive battleground.

   In early 2019, actually homes smart home services platform "actually housekeeper" formally launched, consumers actually housekeeper APP, small micro-channel program, the public number, or call the customer service hotline booking service.

   House had an opportunity to take a double 11, online home improvement loans to financial products "Home seconds loans" to provide pre-sales financial services.

   and in the aftermarket home improvement field, in October, the industrys peak launched the "Decade of warranty" service commitment, the project will extend the warranty period basis.

   06, the digital transformation

   home design software companies have been the digital transformation of the industry and the forefront of technological innovation. Digital home software upgrades and explore the field is expected to lead the home field conversion to full digital and intelligent.

   In September, cool house music publishing "one-stop all-Link digital upgrade solution" for the domestic industry to achieve AI intelligent design and hardware and software products installed by matching fast ride.

   In addition to home design software companies, home improvement companies are to strengthen technical input, through digital transformation, achieve model innovation.

   in February 2019, issued Dongyirisheng home improvement panorama technology, including digital marketing-acquisition systems, digital sales management system, digital system design and wisdom delivery systems.

   In July, intelligent home Zaozhuang production base was officially put into operation.

   In October, Dongyirisheng Groups trading day on home improvement vendors release new retail warehouse sales model, the traditional warehousing, distribution, installation services, trade transactions, combined with Internet information, and improve industrial efficiency.

   For the home improvement business, fully digital system upgrade means that internal liftL enterprise management and efficiency, external push-acquisition drainage, to ensure quality control, to ensure timely delivery.

   07, cross-border business model innovation

   With the development of large home, home field of the border continues to blur, in addition to cross-border cooperation, the enterprise itself is also actively brewing in the 2019 business model innovation and change.

   in the first half, the international furniture store IKEA began to try to cross-border test the water furniture rental business. Masamori shared economic performance coupled with unprecedented pressure, the IKEA business model means that some cross-border restructuring backs against the wall. Expected in 2020, IKEA furniture rental business is expected to expand to China, focusing on products sofas and tables.

   In December, Muji brand first launched service home improvement --MUJI INFILL in China, to enter the home improvement. And its march home improvement mode of cooperation has also been innovative, but it alone is not responsible for drainage provided by the Muji design, providing customized by Haier whole house full house at home, live there to provide decoration services.

   In addition to foreign brands, domestic brands are also actively innovation, in September, Qingdao Haier officially renamed "Haier intellectual home", starting 4000 square meters, 001 shops in Shanghai, the introduction of high-end smart products, the layout of the smart home packages of services.

   08 new areas

   fabricated decoration dry construction in 2019 alive, regardless of the national policy level to promote green energy, or enterprise standardization and efficiency levels, to adapt to trends from the entire renovation, fabricated decoration propulsion equipment is more and more companies, furniture companies and even the upper reaches of the real estate concern.

   new building materials as the representative of the building materials business, Tommaso Padoa, gold mantis and other traditional equipment enterprises, European School, Sofia, still product delivery and other custom enterprise

   to the north and China Vanke, financial innovation and other real estate have incoming seek fabricated solution.

   fabricated behind the development is still relying on digital information systems --BIM building information modeling, and capable residence, apartment in the assembly, installation and open house and other fabricated products business enterprises developed rapidly.

   product is the first to propose BIM house the whole process of information, in November, fabricated goods house built 3.0 new product launches, R & D and completed Jiading Exhibition Center.

   and Habitat are capable of September to complete the design development of the whole industry chain ecological cloud platform, into the closed beta stage.

   09, the industrial chain innovation

   Vanke, Country Garden, cross-border real estate and other financial record home field, began to start customizing, ready to pursue bag check. Housing prices in the upstream face of the "menacing", 2019 home business transformation efforts to seek cooperation from the upstream industry chain, to build housing prices, equipment prices alliances, large living chain of ecological begun to take shape.

   Yi Jiasheng live, Dongyirisheng, still product delivery and love the space of four companies launched a new era of big league home in 2019, the real estate developers, parts manufacturing and home technology platform into the alliance to jointly solve the industry pain points.

   Dongyirisheng proposed innovative B + B to C mode. By developers to sell real estate and home improvement bindings; developers show home improvement product package; developers recommend home-improvement mode three ways to cooperate with the upstream housing prices.

   In addition, some domestic enterprises also take the initiative to expand the industrial chain.

   In December, the US Chiron loving family room and the world strategic cooperation, into the real estate brokerage industry, sharing technology and data resources.


   2019 home environment is still cooling trend, breeds, pattern, product innovation and new growth burst in the "hard" and "uncertain", also accompanied by brutal eliminated, as the economist Schumpeters "creative break ring theory" has been a round of tests in the past. Whether traditional home improvement, furniture companies and emerging smart home design software or platform, home business innovation and change in the new round of economic cycle, is likely to respond to competition, to survive development, strive for the absolute advantage of the industry optimal way.

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