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   Today, the water purifier market is often a "multiple births" products, some SMEs lack of technical content, lack of innovation, only by imitating other peoples products for a living. However, in todays increasingly competitive market, technological innovation is to achieve sustaining the vitality of choice. Water purifier companies only achieve the ultimate in technology, to achieve the ultimate in marketing, to sustainable development.




water purifier business out of the homogenization required to play the "ultimate" word

   so that "extreme"

   in production technology [123 ] in the trend of global economic integration, technological innovation is the development of manufacturing enterprises water purifiers and other critical, but Chinas manufacturing industry with the world advanced level there is still a wide gap. Innovation is the driving force for the development of enterprises, is the source of more vibrant. When a brand inflection point may exist at any level, technology, production, channels, positioning, marketing, public relations ...... which either side could bring a brand leap.

   Apples Steve Jobs is perhaps the soul, but Apple is certainly the turning point of its technology. Not subvert the entire technology era, only to rely on the concept on paper, now Apple can not become the apple. Similarly, for water purifier enterprises, to achieve the ultimate in technology, a brand capable of supporting a huge turning point.

   in marketing to achieve the "ultimate"

   Mas "platform thinking" to create a powerful Alibaba empire; Ma rely on financial strength and a large customer base, "fast-tracking" - in any field can do either one of the best, or quick retreat. "Left-handed mode, the right brand" - to find a good model, is undoubtedly the real turning point towards the brand.

   In fact, the positioning is to create a unique impression in the minds of consumers, the brand with a sub-category have a direct correlation. Such as the recent "strong science excavator Which?" Audiences will not consciously think of the next one. Making money by base advertising influence is certainly feasible, but throwing money at big companies can be small. In fact, the promotion key to success is not much, but in essence, is the ultimate. Can a class of media, a generalization way to do fine, playing through, to achieve the ultimate, to worry about the influence and can not make a good impression degree. Therefore, to obtain the inflection point, or the secret word in marketing water purifier: extreme.

   so-called storyEvents that have caused the people were called soul. The story is not large, but it must resonate, can also be a small drag large, through the water purifier business continues to cause more publicity people were called. Therefore, water purifier enterprises in brand building, not endless execution, the important thing need to see whether the consumer pay, but should go to the extreme. Purifier companies can put "extreme" as an attitude, an important feature to use it to set off the brand included.

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