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   people living water products increased demands on health-related quality of life is getting higher and higher, and now water purifier has become very common ordinary household appliances. It is about understanding, the national water purifier manufacturers have more than 3,000 on the market water purifier brand and range up to thousands. Recently, Xiao Bian from the China Consumers Association official website has learned that the site published a comparison test report a water purifier, to water quality, aquatic water purification efficiency and net rate (commonly known as the waste water ratio) and other properties of the product 40 We were tested and compared.



   It is understood that the CASE staff to ordinary consumers to buy the identity of 40 water purifier merchandise from the Beijing appliance stores, brand outlets and Internet platforms, It contains 22 brand. Wherein, technical division section 40, a processor 22, paragraph general water quality, pure water processor section 18 are reverse osmosis processor.

   The results showed that water quality samples were in line with the requirements of drinking water, comparatively speaking, reverse osmosis water purifier water more pure. In terms of purification efficiency of heavy metals, volatile organic compounds and inorganic, significant differences in the samples. Pure water purification effect processor samples for chloride significantly better than the general water quality processor samples, limited general water quality processor sample removal capacity of lead, pure water processor samples generally have to remove the role of lead.

   in the water aquaculture net rate index, aquaculture net 18 under reverse osmosis water sample rate is somewhat different, a reverse osmosis purifier without storage tank (also known as big flux purifier) samples of the water flow is relatively large, high net rate of aquatic water, more water conservation.

   Test report pointed out that some water purifier lack the necessary parameters and the sample description. The labels and instructions by examining a sample of 40, 5 in the associations found not explicitly models rated total net amount of water, 2 shall not explicitly nominal water flow, reverse osmosis paragraph 2 Sample no nominal power consumption.



   learned from the official website of the Consumers Association, the Consumers Association said the water purifier is not expensive to buy good, cheap on benefits. Consumers need to buy a water purifier according to the local water source type and quality performance. But the use of health permits access system in our water purification industry, only to obtain health permits health supervision department before sale. When consumers buy water purifier, you need to obtain a copy of the production of Health this document to the seller, to beSupervision of local health centers around its authenticity and the related website.

   of water purifiers available in the market, at the time of purchase for the products claim to recognize the removal, such as sediment, heavy metals, organic compounds, viruses, antibiotics and pesticides, can request the appropriate test report to the seller . To ensure real and effective, and to see that those products can remove the corresponding harmful substances, rather than non-heavy metal in this category.

   while the Consumers Association also suggested on the website, consumers in the purchase should be aware of the cost of water purifiers, confirmed after-sales service capability.

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