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   barrels sailor pump is easy to use bottled water birth, then you know sailor pressure bottled pump installation method do? The following small series will introduce.




also known as barrel sailor vat pressure water pump, a water pressure of pure water, a hydraulic hand pressure bottled water, a drinking water pressure, a hand pump barrel pressure mounted water heater, which is a direct plug in five gallons of bottled water easy to use, no secondary pollution, easy to carry drinking water tools. But barreled sailor pump installation method you know? 2020-06-05, small series to introduce household water little knowledge in this area.


paperback pressurized water is easy to buy, light weight, no land, and the price is affordable, general store and bottled water are sold, about $ 10, but the network also has, but also cheaper.


The assembly of a pressurized water is also very simple, three tubes, two sharp middle.


on the side of the outlet pipe is mounted, rinse with water.


Then it is bottled water. When first installed Oolong put up, put the lid on top of all cut down ~ ~ taking a closer look how loaded it, hurriedly asked the people know they are deceived. As long as the above to open a port on the line.


The tube insertion bottled water, and water is to be pressed lightly, get.


by the introduction of small series, you are not already mastered the knowledge barreled sailor pump mounting method of the bar, if you want to learn more about how drinking bottled water to be healthy little knowledge of safe drinking water, came to focus on small series of articles in it, there are many families drinking little knowledge about drinking water safety.




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