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   Currently, no exaggeration to say that water quality in various parts of China there is a certain degree of security risk, especially in industrialized areas, particularly in the cities along the coast line was especially evident. Over the years with greater consumer awareness of safe drinking water, a huge market space for development and profit margins, so that we are focused on home water purifier up.



   The industry agreed that: China water purifier market in the next few years will reach tens of millions of scale, water purifiers and other home appliances will be the next gold diamond industry, for this reason more and more people are choosing to invest water industry, but not everyone is suitable for this, but to do this is a luxurious, first and foremost is to choose a good brand a good investment, so as to achieve their dreams of wealth. Ten brand water purifiers, water purifiers first professional brand is the best to join the majority of the investing public proxy objects.

   food safety issues broke the news constantly, safe drinking water crisis escalating, air quality concern accelerated. Consumer concern about the three key sectors of higher and higher, air purifiers and water purifiers in the market demand for this type of home appliances such as growing. In the home appliance industry, "second Five Year Plan", clearly we should vigorously develop new foster home appliances, electrical and water category is the need to focus on the cultivation of products.

   Compared to other embodiment, the water purification filter is a purely physical manner, effectively remove various impurities in the water. After the water filter healthy, fresh, pure and safe to drink, convenient and affordable, low cost.

   since after 2007, water purifier market rapid pace, but still in the early stages of development, most consumers are not able to accept such products, the market has not been a huge outbreak. The reason why the water purifier has not erupted, with many issues still have relevance, especially in the quality, safety, environmental protection, technical standards, etc. aspects.

   international brands to the net water purifier experts said, the water purification industry in the early stage of development should be to improve the rules and regulations in all aspects, especially in the development of the industry is to take some of the previous stage water purifier enterprises, in market development, technical research and quality control, etc., to make an example.

   At present water purification in its infancy, with the introduction of standards, water purification industry will be standardized,In the early to enter the market is the most appropriate time. But not the effect on selected water purifier brand, first of all have to consider the big brands, such as world-renowned brands to the net water purifier, secondly look at the quality of products, and then followed to see manufacturers service system, and finally to the factory site visits, considering these issues, on detours branding development time.

   for nearly two decades of development, water purification industry matures, followed by increasingly fierce competition. For water purification agents dealers, selecting the right brand, the election of the product is the first step to success, but also a crucial step. Currently on the market water purifier brand everywhere, there are some cities has reached a total of hundreds of brands, how to better the cream of the crop it, struggling to rise in the market it?

   twenty years of toil, China is already one of the worlds water purifier manufacturing center. However, the current domestic penetration is still very low, less than 10%, not including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities. Japan and South Korea national penetration rate of home water purifier has far more than 80% the year before. Experts said the development of Chinas water industry will multiply in geometric patterns.

   enterprises are now a large part of workshop-style small businesses, not product development capabilities, there is no technological innovation, product homogeneity is more serious, there is no advanced testing equipment, testing capacity is limited. Sold the product quality problems continue, after-sales service seriously out of line, these problems are agency problems faced by dealers.

   about the above problem is to explain to join the water purification industry, be sure to choose strong, responsible corporate manufacturers, such as water purifiers to clean ah, it has the countrys largest production base and for many years it was named top ten brands of water purifiers. Why choose this as a net to the top ten brands of water purifiers? Because the strength of the manufacturers as agents and dealers patron, to quickly find a breakthrough in the fierce market competition in the market, thus accumulate resources, create a good sales situation. Only big brands, big manufacturers, have the strength to carry out R & D and innovation, service is guaranteed. For example, to the net water purifier manufacturers, international top water purification experts from the United States, since its inception acclaimed. According to the principle of survival of the fittest, those on the market small scale, artisanal water purifier manufacturers, due to the lack of capacity of research and innovation, but also difficult to achieve after-sales position, it will eventually be eliminated in the competitive trend.

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