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  Bad water problems of how we deal with: Tim net water purification Views: 414 Published: 2018-8-24 10:24:03 recent authoritative show, my countrys water resources is a serious problem, will be exhausted in 2030. Although 70.8% of the area of 鈥嬧€媡he Earth is covered by water, but 97.5% of water is sea water, neither directly nor drinking irrigation. 1% of total 2.5% of the remaining fresh water, humans can really take advantage of the worlds fresh water shortage. However, this 1% of fresh water is also a modern industrial pollution. After in the 1950s, the worlds rapid population growth, rapid industrial development. On the one hand, human demand for water to expand at an alarming rate; on the other hand, the increasingly serious water pollution eroded a lot of water available for consumption. There are around 200 tons of garbage a day poured into rivers, lakes and streams, per liter of wastewater will pollute 8 liters of fresh water; all the rivers are flowing through Asian cities pollution; processed food waste is 40 percent of US water resources, metal , fertilizer and pesticide pollution; 55 rivers in Europe only 5 poor water quality. Faced with such water problems, many people think of a solution to water pollution, basic about them all failed, but in recent years, popular home water purifier actually helped us quite a bit, it can completely remove the residual chlorine in tap water and tap water to remove sediment, rust, heavy metals, odor, bacteria and various harmful substances (water plant for disinfection and sterilization and add chlorine, according to the World Health Organization survey showed that 60% of cancer related), and the production water can be used in cookery, cooking, wash the like.

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