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  Water purification industry needs "support" of the brand: Tim net water purification Views: 341 Published: 2017-8-29 13:51:09 bottled drinking water to meet the water needs of the people to some extent, but still high-quality drinking water program use water purifiers, water purifiers and regular maintenance to replace the filter, to avoid secondary pollution of water, drink clean safe drinking water. As we all know, two problems currently prevailing in the industry, one mindset practitioners, water purification industry rather than focusing on raising grab. Second, the gas industry should be grounded science rather than speculation. At the same time, water purification products, miscellaneous sales channels and more, has not yet formed a stable and efficient sales channels, the main real estate projects, commercial aircraft, the rural market is a good sales channels, we should focus on the development. As for the choice of brands, foreign brands is not necessarily better. Domestic water purifier no difference than abroad, because many raw materials are the same, the downside is that the details of stability. According to industry estimates, some 400 million Chinese families, the family installed a water purifier if there is 1/4, then the quantity demanded of water purifiers have 100 million if calculated at 1,000 yuan each, the domestic water purifier market It will reach 100 billion yuan. By 2015, with the upgrading of the deep penetration of water purifiers development, as well as existing products, market capacity of Chinas water purifier or more than 200 million units, the total market more than 200 billion yuan. It can be said development path is clear of the water purifier is tortuous, the market prospects do not necessarily have a market. Open up the market, it is also necessary to have customer service in place.

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