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  Sichuan learn to improve treatment capacity of Israel: Tim net water purification Views: 563 Published: 2016-8-18 10:41:43 water purifier to join in Sichuan as the "province of thousands of river", there is a large amount of surface water, but the utilization rate is very low. But throughout this country, desert land is covered by 60% of Israel, but Israel is not only a water treatment or desalination capacity capabilities are at the forefront of the world. Sichuan water to make Israel envious, but Israels treatment capacity so that Sichuan envy. "Chengdu To discharged two million tons of wastewater per day, if the water reuse will save much resources?" August 17, in the face of well-known Israeli expert Barry Jike water conservation thrown, sitting "Masha Fu" Training planned lecture in Sichuan students fell into a deep thinking. August 15 to 24, at the invitation of the Provincial Environmental Protection Science Research Institute, Israels famous water conservation experts to teach our province, "sustainable utilization of water" experience, from Sichuan University, Chengdu University of Information Technology, Sichuan Environmental Monitoring terminus 13 colleges and universities, the industry enterprises and institutions participated in the training. Living natural resources, water shortages in the Middle East, Israelis cherish water resources in particular, and by the technological revolution has created remarkable results: in Israel more than 70% of domestic water from desalination; 91% of sewage is collection and processing, of which 75% for agricultural irrigation. "Sichuan wastewater recycling is still high." In the opinion Barry Jike, meaning far beyond recycling of waste water, "wastewater reuse can not only add resources and reduce environmental pollution, can be described as social and economic benefits . harvest "Israeli Consul General in Chengdu Ming blue sky recall the days before Chinese: drinking water and other domestic water transport through different channels, all drinking water is safe to drink. And used to wash, bathe, etc. other domestic water standard is not that high. "Autonomous part of Israeli families even installed a water recycling system, the domestic wastewater to be recycled at home, such as toilet flushing, garden irrigation." Barry Jike added.

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