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In recent years, water pollution of drinking water quality problems caused by the increasing attention has been paid, household water purifiers and other wading products gradually into the daily life of the general public, has increasingly become the public to solve water security a popular choice questions. So how health wading product, can really play a good filtering effect, have gradually become the subject of public concern. Currently, the city a total of 152 wading products manufacturer, is one of the provinces Water Products business is more urban agglomeration.


"blanket" campaign to achieve supervision "full coverage."


According to the Ministry of Health in 2011 issued "relating to drinking water hygiene and safety products Category" wading products are divided into transmission and distribution water equipment, protective materials, water treatment materials, the chemical treatment, water processor, new materials in contact with drinking water and six new chemical substances.


"carpet", "full coverage" two "key words" become the subject of city health supervision departments to carry out supervision of wading products this year. In April this year, the city health supervision with local conditions, the development of the citys water related products special rectification action program, kicked off renovation work. City health supervision strictly control "relating to drinking water hygiene and safety products manufacturing enterprises health standards", "related to drinking water hygiene and safety product label instructions Practice" and "the provinces water distribution pipe fittings rectification Checklist" the relevant requirements, Suzhou city limits 32 wading production enterprises supervision and inspection "carpet style", with each production companies signed a letter of commitment to achieve 100% coverage of supervision, signed a letter of commitment rate of 100%. Further improve the business daily supervision of the Archives by special action, more in-depth grasp of Suzhou City, wading production business situation. This year, the city health supervision departments for the first time wading product category to achieve a "full coverage" of sampling, including water distribution pipes, drinking fountains, activated carbon and membrane filter, chemical treatment, water quality processors, city-wide sampling More than 40 batches.


this year wading product campaigns work, the city prison guard punished three wading production business, a wading product business units, a fine of more than 88,000 yuan, health permits cancellation of four. The city health supervision departments annual total penalties wading production companies and business units 21, a fine of 238,200 yuan. By crack down on illegal and criminal acts related to safeguard public health and safety.


Experts teach you to read wading products "identity."


the public house wading products are commonly used in water distribution pipes, drinking fountains, water processor, etc., how to choose the correct health and safety of water, drinking fountains, water purifiers and other professionals to give guidance.


City Health prisons sanitation supervision Deputy Chief Yang Xiaobo told reporters, wading product labels, also known nameplates, all referential markings on the aquatic appearance and packaging. As wading products "identity card" label, you can reveal a lot of product information. When people buy wading products, attention can be roughly five categories of information: First Name, equivalent to the identity card in the name; the second is information about the product, including the production date or production lot number, product health permit approval number product implementation of standards, the equivalent information date of birth, ID number, etc. on the identity card; Third, producers of information, equivalent to the address on the ID card, etc.; Fourth precautions or warnings term; five are some of the parameters on the project, such as water distribution pipes need to mark products, materials, specifications, nominal pressure, etc., water processor also need to mark out of the water quality requirements, water flow, the total net amount of water rated work (water ) pressure. Abridged fourth and fifth class information similar to the product manual, a reference to the construction and users.


In the above information in five categories, health wading product license approval document number and other information, is whether the public health and safety verifying the product of an important basis. People wading in the purchase of products that can be obtained from the distribution unit, see related products health permits, on the one hand to ensure that "there is this document," on the one hand concern whether the license within the validity period, the product information is corresponding to the actual product, etc., ensure that the documents relating to "effectiveness." The public can also log corresponding website inquiries, the State Planning Commission approval documents can log on the website of the national guard "Online Services" section of the "public inquiry" option to verify; provinces this document may be the provincial Health Department website, "Health license inquiries" in the column query .


Health Authority experts also remind the general public, if it is found marked on the product wading exaggerating text, graphics, and "acidic water" express or implied content with the role of prevention and treatment of disease, or "alkaline water "," activated water "," small molecules of water, "" functional water "," energy water "," oxygen-rich water, "and so on, do not blindly believe that the effectiveness of the above it is the state explicitlyProhibit labeling content on wading products.

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