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   crystal glasses tend to be more noble and elegant, so the use of crystal glass, we often drink wine, very few people drink water with crystal glasses.




crystal glass is a common style glasses, crystal glasses look more grace and elegance, we often use crystal glass to drink wine, drink wine because when the type of glass is more and more, and the shapes, the most widely used is the crystal glass, crystal glass material is relatively thick, and is more durable, because the shape of the crystal glass is quite special, loaded crystal wine glass, looks more noble, what is crystal glasses below please find out more about us.


The material of the glass, the glass can be divided glass and crystal glass, crystal glass is mainly added 2% to 30% of the mineral material to which glass, which usually lead to mineral , the most important role is to be able to make more intensive glass is a glass having a role in the green treasure and durable. Since Beibi thin and strong, in the clink, the sound is very crisp. Excellent performance of lead crystal glasses refraction of light, more clearly when viewed in bright liquor. The emergence of a market without the use of lead crystal glasses, but with a proportion of magnesium and zinc substitute, which in addition has the advantage of lead crystal glass cup, it also can be cleaned with a glass washer.


ordinary glass material is relatively thick, to the extent possible to ensure strong glass, the edges of the cup will be reinforced with a performance, but the ordinary glass of wine tasting experience will not have much effect, and the glasses are usually relatively low price, because the main component is silica, this material does not belong to the chemical substance is an inert material does not appear to have air permeability glasses, when cleaning is mainly the use of detergents.


From the quality point of view, either leaded or lead-free crystal wine glasses are high-quality glass. It should be noted that most of leaded crystal glasses are, but the use of such wine drinking does not take the lead in the glass to dissolve it. The reason is the time in contact with the glass of wine and not long enough, unless the wine is stored for up to a week or more in lead crystal glasses or decanters in.


crystal glasses look more richArtistically, so we often use crystal glass to hold wine, drinking red wine, we often use crystal glass, it will have a certain level and have the ability to appreciate. Here to remind you, when the selection of crystal glass, mainly to see and feel the hardness and light shielding property, plus listen to the voice of crystal glass, crystal glasses to pick the best. When washing crystal glasses also need to pay attention, it is best to let nature dry crystal glass, everyone in life, can, or a family member pick the right crystal glasses for themselves.




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