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   to select a water purifier brand agent, meaning the agent franchisee sit shop operator from the stage turning operation of the market business, how to make a product agent, after the target product selection have been identified, the operation of the market after market, It has become an important marketing real work. So as a proxy franchisees how you operate the market? Combined water purifier manufacturers marketing department general management experience to the planning of regional markets, a dealer in order to make successful operation of the market, you need to do the following four thing!


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   agents after the completion of the hardware construction of sale terminals, it is necessary to proceed with the construction of terminals to improve the software. So in the end what is it terminal construction software? Software construction of the terminal refers to a terminal operation plays a dynamic role in the impact of requirements to regulate. Such as store management system (system sales revenue, inventory system, employee rest system) sales process sales skills and terminal staff image, maintaining store cleanliness, maintenance, product image, shopping guide service standards, shopping guide, the customer management terminal , after-sales service. Upon completion of the construction of the terminal hardware and software on the agent to organize staff, the use of hardware and software of the terminal building for the resources, services in product sales promotion. Particularly on hold and check the quality of the service product sales skills, to invest some effort, efforts to promote good terminal sales, and maintain a good business image product image and agents of the organization.

   channel marketing, point to the surface. Do promotion channels, not urgent. After the store terminal operating normally, the agents before they can put to work to promote the channel. Because the success of the terminal, is your banner, with a strong appeal. Do promotion channels, both in its own business resources and try to avoid the cost of operating under the premise put at risk, it is best to adhere to the "point to the surface" channel to promote the principles. We do build a channel, a success. Such channels to promote the latter, there will be an occasion to push along a good situation. Does some channels, but also pay attention to strategy, under normal circumstances, it must be from near and far, from easy to difficult! Snowball started.

   product promotion, product sales pusher. Do product promotion, but also to organize promotional activities within the water purifier dealer organization to train staff feelings of the product, the product feel good, the staff spontaneous outreach products. In addition the use of industry relations of friendship,It can also form a natural effect of publicity. Product publicity additional advertising industry market and other community outdoor advertising, advertising media carrier can all be utilized. It should be emphasized that the word of mouth publicity can not be ignored. Consumer product image Once confirmed, a wide range of word of mouth publicity, will become the main power of propaganda. Other promotional mode, just to maintain and strengthen the image of the product.

   great importance to the promotion of public relations, forming tied. Emphasis on the promotion of public relations, not only to bring in business opportunities (such as buy) to promote products, but also because of good public relations resources, protection of the formation of product promotion. Such as community relations, administrative relations, functions of management relations, cooperative unit relations, media relations. In many cases the reality of the business, some agents, because in the course of business, and just kept on making money, not pay attention to public relations, the result of this fear of fear which, bound his courage and pace of product promotion. Some agents also because of the lack of public relations resources, because of his daring and foolhardy, but also eat this and that loss. In fact, because of the public relations resources do not pay attention, not get appropriate support.

   water purifier industry is a sunrise industry, attracting more and more investors to join entrepreneurs, increasingly competitive industry, water purification agents franchisees are only in the terminal market Seiko secret agents in order to upgrade their competitiveness, and ultimately win the market.

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