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the moment, the Internet challenge ferocious strikes, while water purifier market is not yet mature in the pattern, water purifier manufacturers, for many this is a challenge and an opportunity. Some companies began to try electric provider model to promote the development of enterprises, have engaged in exploring the road of transformation. Electricity supplier is only one of a certain kind of way, water purifier manufacturers in the moment divergent needs new thinking and open up new avenues to explore in order to suit their business model.

   closely follow the trend, to meet the requirements of modern life

   to transform the water purification industry, the product must be upgraded with modern family needs and upgraded to meet the different needs of consumers. After the intelligent water purifier products, not only to make up for past deficiencies water purifier, but also more intelligent, full psychological needs of consumers in the design, sophisticated technology, elegant design, attracting a lot of the current 80, 90 look.

   improve service, move more consumers

   water purifier manufacturers and service will be successful transformation more binding. In the process of buying will allow consumers to experience the service. Business is not just a simple sellers, but through a one-stop pre-sale and after-sale service, increase customer stickiness, to seek long-term development. Comprehensive solution to worry about consumers buy water purifier.

   seeking varied for the industry to inject fresh blood

   In this society the rapid development of the entire water purification industry are corresponding changes in response to changes in society and consumers, if not change, only faced with increasingly narrow market. Purifier companies need to actively explore, to give up the past business model, divergent thinking, into a new direction. Or is it out of the era of enterprise must constantly inject fresh blood, listen more to the views of young people, can the courage to break its own new look.

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