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   In recent years, water quality strange, home drinking water is threatened, water purification technology upgrading, water purifiers become a symbol of healthy drinking water daily life, peoples living standards gradually improved, more intense concepts of health, water purification requires a large, water purification industry, the future of unlimited, while the water purifier market many brands, competitive pressures, water purification agents to join choose which to use the brand, the rise in the water purifier market vacated it?

   for the current water purifier market opportunities and challenges of the situation, and agents franchisees face, how can the agents under competition, stand out. At 6:16 on November 2015 afternoon, Hansi Dun water purification experts conducted a brainstorming seminar, distinguished water purification experts are experienced in the domestic market specializes in water purification industry for more than 10 years of net water experts. Experts in the industry has a wealth of practical experience, each have their own insights.

   clean water expert Dr. Lee spoke first:? Give a man a fish or teach how to fish it water purification agents franchisee sales of more than just knowledge to be learned, it is an industry thinking. So to conduct a comprehensive training for agents who, in product knowledge and marketing skills, development of water purification industry update mode, so that the agent who really do know a water purifier marketing ideas, a real can work independently of clean water an entrepreneur, and successful.

   On the other hand, the agents own profit at the same time learn to master operational thinking, to learn to be independent, the courage to invest their own efforts to pay, hard work. In order to meet more opportunities and greater success.

   expert Professor Liu said:

   1, Zhiyizhibi, know yourself, as a water purifier this emerging industry, to understand a competitors product, price, promotion, channel is very important, However, many agents to join but do not know how to obtain this information, this is a big problem.

   2, integrity management, hearts of the people who in the market.

   agents to join a businessman should have the quality, serves decent quality of water purification products, good after sales service. Hansi Dun in the country has a perfect after-sales service points to help the franchisee to easily solve the problem of sale, while allowing the dealer to get the lowest price the same industry with quality products, so there are opportunities to join the greater profit margins, but also to consumers more affordable prices, access to customer support.

   ExpertWho have speak, explore water purifier agents to join their marketing strategy, Give a man a fish than giving the fishing, it is such a good water purifier manufacturers, not to the agency all they want, excessive dependent manufacturers support it is difficult to think of a major event, enterprises should understand this principle, agents also need to be more clear, given what might as well teach their ability to earn something, this is a long-term common development of individuals and businesses meter.

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