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   There are many friends purifier installed, immediately after use or use a water purifier for some time, we found that out of the water purifier with a smell. This is the quality of water purifiers do not you? Thats not necessarily Oh! The following three cases, can lead to water purifier water purifier with the smell.




water purifier water smell? Perhaps these three causes (Photo from Internet)

   1. The existence of residual stagnant water purifier

   first need to consider whether or not to use the water purifier is in a stopped state long-term, when the net after the water is a period of inactivity, re-use must be repeatedly cleaned, remove stagnant water remaining in the water purifier.

   2. Regularly flushing water purifier is not

   If the home water purifier for long periods of flushing, it will form a residue of dirt in the filter, water quality and taste.

   said above two questions, actually you choose to pay more money to buy a water purifier with intelligent flushing the line, it will be very hard working, give yourself a bath, fresh water forever.

   3. the protection liquid remaining in the cartridge has a

   If the water purifier when installed just this problem, this situation is due to the protection liquid in the cartridge is not completely water purifier rinse cause, the solution is simple, open sewage outlets, and then turn on the faucet, flush the machine for about 10 minutes.

   water purifier is a need for regular cleaning and maintenance of household appliances, which is an important condition for maintaining water purifier purifying effect, so if the home water purifier unpleasant smell, and to quickly reflect on this: he is not aspects of maintenance of water purifiers lazy?

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