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   However, with the development of society, drinking water safety is increasingly not guaranteed. Water has been discovered in some areas more likely to be contaminated and poor quality of tap water pipeline over the "lead water." How to lead away from the water? 6:00 the following method to remember the simplicity.




away from the lead 6 strokes healthy drinking water from the details of the start (image from the network)

   1, do not drink water overnight

   [123 ] faucet lead detection data display precipitated concentration, water retention in the faucet longer, the higher the lead content, so overnight in tap water do not drink. If you encounter without water, as long as more than six hours before use must open the faucet turn on the water 1 minute to 3 minutes before eating.

   2, do not eat for a long time to heat the water

   Many cells are now supplying hot water 24 hours, but preferably not for drinking or cooking it, because of the lead content in water to many times higher than the average cold water.

   3, do not buy the inferior faucet

   at the time of purchase faucet, be sure to choose quality standards for products, the best choice of stainless steel faucet, because stainless steel does not contain lead, does not occur secondary Pollution. You can also choose low-lead or lead-free faucets, we have now developed a number of institutions such new products.

   4, in time to observe changes in water quality drinking water

   first of all to observe the color of water, to see whether the abnormal color or turbidity, with or without foreign body; followed by the smell of water without odor, - flavor e.g., metallic taste, grassy like.

   5, turn on the water before drinking

   before drinking tap water, first open the tap and let the water flow for a while. This also applies to the daily morning not long parallel with tap water use. Do not let go of waste water, can be used to clean and so on.

   6, polluted water

   do not directly contaminated drinking water, must boil water when burned close to 100 degrees, the lid is opened, the volatile organic compounds in water evaporate. Natural water may also be precipitated, after removal of colloidal substances in water for drinking.

   more than 6:00 is to avoid drinking water containing lead method, hope to help lead us away from the water, healthy life!

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