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   Chinese style home is what happens, and who continue to influence the aesthetic taste of Chinese families? February 28, Taobaos home life at home very platform release "Home Improvement Guide 2019", opened millions of families dress their little minds.



   Now, European wind being over 5 percent families choose, truly become Chinas first home improvement winds. Not only is Nordic, on Taobao, such as the Mediterranean wind, wind and other minority French wind is gradually rising, and went into the young family; to say who is the most daring, it is none other than non-90, they boldly purchase metal, black thin frame, mirror, light and other elements molecules in one piece, between the light and industrial air luxury toggle.

   In China, looked an ordinary family of renovation works, they will almost 40% of the budget is spent on repairing the living room, full practice "living room facade is" the truth and, secondly, bedroom and kitchen; 2018, Shenzhen became renters renovation and repairing needs of the most popular cities, while in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, home renovation, reconstruction demand rising, home Taobao very predicts these trends will become more evident in 2019.

   nearly 7 percent of women develop home improvement decisions, 40 percent of home improvement budget in the living room

   In China, home improvement is a big battle field, but who is in command of this protracted war? Taobao data show that young Chinese women in the home improvement most right to speak. "Guide" reveals that consumers Taobao pole home to two-thirds of women, the female share steadily year by year, in 2019, 90% of home improvement decisions may all call the shots by women. Among them, 90, 80 women became the backbone of the consumer, whether it is a new house decoration, repairing or renting, they have become the absolute main force.



   Interestingly, the fast pace of life compared to the first-tier cities, second-tier and third-tier city consumers show more patience and perseverance, chop the hand in the field of home improvement more high frequency. Pole home data show that the vast majority of female consumers have a "heavy soft-mounted, light hard-mounted" tendency, more than 70% of the budget spent on soft-mounted design and procurement department. While male users are responsible for loading the hard part, responsible for the supervision and shop around with hard work on the installation company. In addition, according to statistics, small and medium-sized family has become the absolute main force Taobao household consumption, accounting for up to 80%.



   "Chinese wind" swept the north of the Yellow River, "European-style" east and west-take-all

   now, has been slowly unfolding a "Chinese style decoration map" on Taobao. Maybe confined to "family concept" of deep-rooted Chinese decoration in the north, central China still has a very high popularity, mainly in Shanxi, Hebei, Shaanxi and other places. Taobao data show that North China consumers prefer purchasing flowers and birds, totems and other elements in one piece, and extensive use of red-brown, dark brown and other wood and other decorative furniture. Taobao, Chinese decor share of nearly 20% of people become the second favorite decoration preferences.



   It is a myth, in addition to the Chinese decoration, Eclectic northern region is also popular. To the Northeast, for example, where consumers are constantly Taobao purchase large quantities of mix and match, multi-style furniture, household, while the stubbornly high light luxury marble modern elements procurement, while the other side is the wind and other rural American walnut, East provinces people are set around the world and to create a cool, movement suitable for all ages of the family room.



   compared northerners serious love the atmosphere, it appears that many consumers south of the Yangtze lively. 2018 years it is downright Nordic style accounting for up to 55%. In addition, the Mediterranean wind, wind and other French more personalized style of home improvement have also emerged in Taobao. Whether in color, or on a single product choice, Nordic have a more flexible mix of diversity, especially in the "Morandi color" after the fire. In addition to Chinese and European, it followed by accounting for 11% of American style, popular in the post-70 population; and to the main light extravagant, minimalist, modern style also has an 8% market share.

   Taobao staged "Morandi color" chase, a haze of blue smoke and ash Fire Fire

   low-key yet luxurious, but also comes with filter effects, from the blue haze, soot powder, indifferent to the bare, gray and green beans ...... 2018, Taobao set off on a chase Morandi color "chase." Whether it is to copy the "net red flu", or desire "sense" Morandi color is steadily penetrated into all areas of home improvement, from sofas, wallpaper, curtains to bedding.



   Powder soot sweet but not greasy, soft but hard, white with become High ash best color match, annual TrendingExponential increase of up to 3900%; while gray green beans A magical colors of nature can bring the family, with the wood and timber trees, to be the best medicine home decompression, an increase of 1350 percent annual search index. Taobao data show that consumers in color chase Morandi more than 9 percent after 85 groups, and to new home decoration main demands.

   first-tier cities demand a new house decoration, renovation and renting space for a huge

   for nearly 10 years, due to rapid real estate development around the city, there is still a huge consumer market for home improvement and enthusiasm appeal. According to Taobao "2019 home improvement guide", new home decoration is still the main demands of the consumer home improvement, firmly occupy 53% share. In addition, it is renovated rental demand, the share accounted for 31%.



   the past year, renting decorated with 195% annual growth to become the fastest rising segment of the home improvement field. However, it seems the minimum body mass market, but it has a huge room for growth in existing home renovation occupy 18% share.

   Interestingly, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen has gradually withdraw from the main force of new home renovation group in favor of fighting existing home renovation, decoration rental market. Replace large cities, Chengdu, Wuhan and other second-tier cities become a major renovation of the new home market. Also, in addition to the new home market, with Chinas entry into the stock of housing market, a large number of rental modification, renovation housing demand as consumers buy buy buy main motivation and drive personalized custom, hard-mounted market continued to strengthen.

   (Source: Pan-home network, invasion deleted)

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