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   Many people face a variety of market refrigerator, a head two large, leading to a lot of people are free to buy the refrigerator after found not convenient to use. What kind of refrigerator for their own use? When you purchase a refrigerator, pay attention to learn more about the following three aspects.




the purchase of refrigerators must understand clearly these three (Photo from Internet)

   1, and preservation in addition to taste function

   preservation of function is essential for a refrigerator, a refrigerator with fresh there are a lot of criteria, the most important is to look at its refrigeration capacity, strong and fast is the key. If the refrigerator frozen capacity is not enough, it will lead to freezing is not enough time to make food spoilage or loss of nutrients. So freezing force is a function of the time of purchase be sure to ask the fridge. Many people often have this misconception that the longer the refrigerator to store food preservation function better. According to experts, the real time preservation not only protect, but also to keep nutrition.

   Second Refrigerator for a long time will inevitably produce odor, will affect food preservation effect, and odor removal is a very useful feature. In the purchase of a refrigerator, it is best to understand clearly the exception of smell function of the refrigerator. Different manufacturers vary the processing of odor.

   2 saving identification

   The refrigerator energy efficiency rating is determined according to a power consumption of the refrigerator for 24 hours, and therefore, the consumer can identify at a glance the refrigerator energy consumption how much electricity. However, precisely because of this direct perception, allowing consumers to ignore the refrigeration capacity of the refrigerator. For example a 24-hour consumption 0.3 kWh refrigerator in which the refrigerating capacity of 5 kg. And a 24-hour power consumption is 0.6 kwh, its freezing capacity of 20 kg. If you look at energy saving logo, consumers must think first refrigerator more power, but the actual situation analysis, the latter obviously is relatively power-saving refrigerator. Refrigerator energy or not is a relative concept and freezer capacity, consumers do not forget that at the time of purchase.

   3, the input power

   the input power may be very few people will be concerned about, the input power is too small will lead to a refrigerator compressor for a long time without stopping the machine, the so-called "small horse cart "select this point and air conditioners are common. This indicator can be seen in the back of the refrigerator body nameplate input power the bigger the better,Especially for large capacity refrigerators. For example, a 216L refrigerator compressor power is only 80W, while smaller than its 168L power there 100w, which is like 20 in a square inside the house installed a 1.5p air conditioning, and in another 10 square room contrast effect was inside 1.5p air conditioning.

   regardless of which brand of refrigerator, in the purchase needs to pay attention to learn more about these three aspects, what Which refrigerator appropriate and that they can compare and slowly picked out.

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