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   Two Water color after the experiment, discolored tap water

   "89 percent of Chinese people are drinking unsafe water." Recently, members of the public Daye Cheng told reporters reflect a water purifier street vendors to distribute leaflets says, there are staff on-site to do "electrolyzed water" experiment "evidence." Cheng hopes the reporter to verify the authenticity.

   streets, "electrolyzed water" experiments so that the public panic

   Mr. Cheng introduction day on the way home, he was suddenly stopped by a merchant, the other handed leaflets certain brand of water purifiers, publicity single bearing the words "89% of Chinese people are drinking unsafe water." Next to the other sales people are doing experiments to see with passers-related instruments.

   are out sales glass and a glass of tap water after purifying with purifiers now installed, while on the table, then put the instrument, a short while, the water becomes colorless and black and green, and purified water is not changed. Sales staff said, these colored substances are "pesticide", "heavy metal" and other harmful substances, adding that prolonged drinking will get cancer and other diseases.

   on the 11th, reporters follow Daye zone north of the city industrial and commercial law enforcement officers arrived on Zone Feng West Bay district habitable building in Daye City, the vendors limited water purifier Yellowstone citizens State Electric the company is here. I saw inside the company hall stocked with a wide variety of products on sale, ranging in price from lowest to highest 2780 yuan 5818 yuan. After

   Industrial and Commercial staff on-site investigation

   The company staff reporter Chen Shuping to do Cheng said field experiment, Chen Shuping brought two disposable cups, and were fitted with water purification water, and taking the above to have a "TDS" pen-shaped instrument word, respectively into the two cups. Numerical displays 148 tap water, purified water is the value 3.

   Chen Shuping said, is used to detect water TDS total dissolved solids content of the test-specific items, the larger the value of TDS, the more impurities in the water. Then, they brought Chenshu Ping and marked with a "Water electrolyzer," the instrument, the same pour water and the purified water, were placed in the instrument and the two cups, a short while, water cups mounted thrown white foam and produce a color change.

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