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   After years of development and sedimentation, water purifier investment in recent years has become increasingly popular, but with the development of the industry, there will be some illegal fishing companies in trouble. Meanwhile, many dealers and water purifier brand because of their qualifications, quality and substandard media exposure. As agents, we should be how to choose a real dealer? Qualified brand or manufacturer, add fresh water purifier manufacturers like to share with you the following points.



   First, word recognition and brand support

   selected Agent commercially licensed water purifier brand or manufacturer, first to understand the brand or manufacturer reputation in the market is how these can be learned through the Internet, a big brand as there will be many users, if everyone uses it well, then the brand as worth doing, as the saying goes. Gold Cup Gold Cup Silver Cup as well. Consumer word of mouth, in order to have a good reputation, we should not always insist on doing so, but also has a strong brand backing.

   Second, the on-site investigation is really

   Although todays Internet information developed, but for most franchisees, in the selection net when the water heater brands and manufacturer brands, in order to better determine the authenticity of its brand and scale, as a proxy for franchisees, it is necessary to conduct on-site investment. Depending on the size and brand manufacturers, after all, is the true vision, hearing false.

   Third, the selection of qualified brand

   water purification agents in the choice of the brand and the manufacturer must be allowed to give manufacturers and brands appropriate qualifications, to ensure the legitimacy of the product. As a regular water purifier manufacturers, should hold an official certificate issued by the state, such as business license, trademark registration, tax registration certificate, the Ministry of Health and other water-related approval documents. Only with full qualifications, in order to ensure the franchise agents. The basic interests of businessmen to legalize the product to ensure the quality of the product fundamentally.

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