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In recent years, security issues of water quality by more and more attention, whether at home or public water canteens with water, should be equipped with a water purifier, water purifier can filter out full of water chlorine and other harmful substances, to restore healthy pure drinking water. With the increasingly fierce market competition, water purifiers, water purification machines in appearance and functionality are increasingly diverse, how to buy a water purifier it? Today, small series to share with you a water purifier election shopping tips, let us see what.


1. see material.


existing water purifiers on the market of stainless steel, glass, steel, cast iron, aluminum, or a food grade resin, such as PVC material. The first three belonging to the good pressure resistance of the material, can be used as a pre-filter (machine center). The latter two are relatively poor compression resistance of the material can only be used at the rear end prefilter (central unit), used straight drink machine. In these types of materials, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance of stainless steel as the best, the price is relatively high, PVC resin, or a compression food very poor, the price is relatively low.


2 given function.


water processor must first select your purpose, first of all from the big concept that is to be purified water or demineralized water. Purified water is the removal of sediment, impurities, bacteria, heavy metals, chlorine, organics and some minerals. Demineralized water to remove calcium and magnesium ions, the most direct, that is to scale.


3 selected filter.


The most commonly used water purification materials are PP cotton, activated carbon, KDF, ultrafiltration membrane, the RO membrane (reverse osmosis membrane, a reverse osmosis membrane), quartz sand, stone, infrared mineralization ball . Different water purification materials will produce different purification effect, consumers can choose a suitable water purifier according to their desired purifying effect.


4. Size ratio.


This is the most intuitive way, usually water purifier according to the model given moment the amount of water, more than 20 tons / h may be referred to as a central water treatment, less than 10 tons / hour can be called straight drinking water purifier. And this amount of water with the diameter of the volume and the inlet and outlet of a relationship, typically the greater the greater the moment the water purifier.


5 than the service.


The first is the installation of pre-service Dow water purifiers, water quality according to different regions, different waterway design, different room sizes and otherA variety of factors, should give a fairly complete buying advice and ask to use the effect after installation, according to customer requirements to do to improve.

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