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   Last week, the water industry struck the first blow. AO Smith, Angel, Dow, DuPont, numerous water purifier brand Li Sheng Deng attended the first China International Import Expo; double usher in the first 11 years, the electricity supplier giant hand in water purification company jointly war; sector, enterprise standard "list" Union preparatory meeting held smoothly.



   China International Import Expo held a grand

   November 5 to 10, the worlds first to "import" as the theme of the national exhibition - first China international import Expo, held at the Shanghai grand national Exhibition Center, the head of dignitaries and relevant international organizations from more than 130 countries, global business leaders, renowned experts and scholars as well as domestic ministries and localities about 1,500 delegates attended the the opening ceremony. A.O. Smith, Li Sheng Deng water purifier brand into the Fair debut.


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   AO Smith Innovations cited concern

   has a 144 year history of AO Smith entered the fair, representatives of the industry to show the world hot water, heating, water purification and innovations in the field of air purification, to attract the attention of people outside the industry.



   micro-assessment: AO Smith cultivating the Chinese market for 20 years, as the current Chinese market, the success of the multinational model, AO Smith on the occasion of 40 years of reform and opening up, this exhibition The Expo, to promote the Chinese economy once again contribute to the development of high quality.

   Dow Water Angel hand in hand, Lonsid

   November 6, 2018, Dows specialty products DuPont Dow Water Solutions business unit (Dow Water) in the China international import Expo (CIIE) and Shenzhen Angel drinking water industrial Group Co., Ltd. (Angel), Zhejiang Lonsid healthy drinking water equipment Co., Ltd. (Landsea Germany) held a strategic cooperation ceremony respectively.





   micro-assessment: It is reported that the Dow Water and Angel, Landsea Germany signed a strategic cooperation agreement, aimed at consumers to experience high-quality drinking water, healthy drinking water to create a more comfortable environment.

   liters of drinking water will be shared Chinese technology to the worldBetween

   It is reported that, in order to meet the feed Fair, liters of Shanghai Hongqiao station of an existing company using membrane technology liters of drinking water and water purification station for a new upgrade. From the image, function and other aspects, to reinvent the clean room five straight drinking water and four units. Each room purify water based on the original, added a water machine and two drinking water points. Not only enhance the overall visual effect, expanding the use of space, but also increase the water supply capacity.


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   micro-assessment: The Fair liters borrow opportunity to better promote China to the worlds drinking water technology, to a greater extent on the stand to show the world l the Chinese high-tech enterprises, to better display the Shanghai Hongqiao station to bring the perfect visual experience and high standards of service experience.

   double usher in the first 11 years, the electricity supplier of water purification industry giants join hands full fighting

   The annual Lynx "double 11" ushered in its first decade in 2018. Last month, the Lynx held a "Global Carnival 2018 pairs of 11" press conference in Beijing. Happy child (Zhang Yong, Alibaba Group CEO) review the course of a decade in the conference, and to "create regret Ali" Series Adds verse: Ten years ago we are to survive, in order to survive, create a " section dual 11 ", all of a sudden did not expect to make great ......



   micro-assessment: just over two-eleven, small weak weak to ask one, how much you have contributed to over two hundred billion project?

   water industry enterprise standard "list" Union preparatory meeting held smoothly

   November 7, 2018, Haier, Midea, Lake, Ho Chak, clean water sources, and other industry enterprises representatives nearly 80 people gathered together to convene enterprise standard "list" Union preparatory meeting in Foshan City, Guangdong Province greenery hotel.



   micro-assessment: the establishment of corporate alliances help to improve the standard ranking standard enterprise level, Forced enterprises in accordance with the standards of production, to improve product quality, strengthen brand building, improve our level of standardization, standardization work to deepen reform, promote the conversion of kinetic energy of old and new economy, supply-side structural reforms and foster a number of lines of business innovation capability, has a major role.

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