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   tap water smell of pregnant women affect it, to be honest is not much affected, because the water does not clean up the pipeline for a long time, then there will be some odor, then on the next.




At present water pollution problem has reached a moment of urgency, how to ensure healthy drinking water yourself and your family? So how tap water was safe to drink it? Is not required to buy a home water purifier was better point. For this reason small part I go out there to take an expert after, gave the following user experience water quality problems you do a depth of science, hoping to be helpful to everyone.


tap water smell of pregnant women affect it? How can we reassure the public tap water to drink?


First, the need to protect water sources, and its essence is to protect the environment, from the practical point of view, environment has become increasingly harsh, difficult to guarantee the quality of natural water sources;


Second, strict the implementation of "drinking water health standards", which involves the issue of inputs. But in fact, while the tap water has not been a corresponding increase in water charges while it is increasing, the cost of the water is to become the puzzle;


Third, the detection means by a third party, and with the in the most severe penalties;


Fourth, the passing rate of tap water should always be open. Looking at the domestic, how many people do not drink tap water for 20 years? How many people can ensure that their drinking water is clean? I am afraid that in addition to "special for the unit", to other people, it is a matter of belonging to the fantasy.


There are several categories of pregnant women can not drink water, for example, small series introduced several


in the air long home water: summer general practice is to use peoples cup of cold water, hot water to cool cold water, but be aware that cold boiled water can not be exposed to air for too long, otherwise they will lose biological activity, thus losing a lot of special features; if too long, may also increase levels of certain hazardous substances.


Overnight water: cause some parents to give up the baby to drink water, generally cold like some water, whether in water overnight in a thermos bottle or cup, similar to the air long home water will the breeding of some microorganisms, less safety and health.


raw water: this can not even drink, and adults can not drink, let alone a baby, raw water contains some microOrganisms, such as bacteria, viruses and parasites, after drinking baby, easy to get acute gastroenteritis, hepatitis, typhoid, dysentery and parasitic infections.


The above is related to the issue of water in small series to introduce more small household drinking water knowledge, so stay tuned this site.




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