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  2017 two months of home water purifier sales released: Tim net water purification Views: 479 Date: 2017-4-1 9:49:08 According to industry data online, show 2017 January-February home water purifier industry output 1.697 million units, up 3.4%; total sales of 1.793 million units, an increase of 12.4% last year. Of which domestic shipments of 1.58 million units, up 17.12 percent. Export shipments of 213,000 units, down 13.4%. 2017骞村墠涓ゆ湀瀹剁敤鍑€姘村櫒閿€閲忓嚭鐐? width= February home water purifier production is 658,000 units, an increase of 11.3%, total shipments of 756,000 units, up 14.3%, of which domestic market shipments of 649,000 units, up 18.87 percent last year, export markets (containing only household water purification equipment) this month exported 108,000 units, down 7.0%. From January to February situation, opened in 2017, my countrys water purification equipment industry has maintained growth momentum. In recent years, household consumption continued to increase, improve and enjoyment consumption will increase, water will undoubtedly benefit. 2017 clean water will become more intense competition in the domestic market, the brand will continue to centralize development pattern. Meanwhile, in the quarter is the fourth quarter of 2016, the national housing boom, the market compared to the third quarter, a significant signs of cooling down, it is expected that by 2017 the water industry in terms of the macro-environment support is still unknown.

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