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   how to do water purification agents? How do sales up? As a water purification agents, we should be most concerned about is how to profit. Want to profit on the sales of the need, the greater the sales, the more money, how to take the initiative to increase sales of water purifiers? Here is a fresh water plus water purifier sales chief marketing consultant gives way, we can refer to.



   First, the development of fresh water added reseller since become a regional water purifier agents, it is certainly essential to the development of the dealer, the dealer sales as " traditional sales ", the more dealers, their base is also more extensive, naturally, the more money. The agency also regularly according to the dealer integration distributor performance, ability, loyalty to safeguard the interests of good relations.

   Second, the meeting carried out before marketing conference marketing, contact your local neighborhood or a good property management companies, health lectures or fraternity in the community, the community, particularly in the elderly retirees are invited to a meeting, and invite some experts to teach health knowledge, teaching the relationship between drinking water and health, teaching tap water of harmful substances and hazardous to human health, stressing the principle of clean water, gradually into the theme, stressing the use of net the necessity and effectiveness of water machines, speak their own product advantages, features and functions, and achieve sales objectives. Associates

   Third, supermarkets and other building materials and decoration industries associated with the decoration materials supermarket is one of the important water purifier sales channels, especially large, ultra-formal decoration materials, and can be considered they associates, do bundling. The performance of the following two advantages:

   1, the target audience is clear: teach decoration materials supermarket consumers are buying targeted groups, but also a home water purifier necessary one of appliances, home appliance chain stores away consumers randomness is relatively large, the purpose is not strong.

   2, positioning accuracy: decoration materials supermarket product price is relatively high, quality assurance, general patronize such places relatively well-off consumers in the economy; and the current high-end water purifier the target customers for the three-high (high income, highly educated, high positions) crowd. Away decoration materials supermarket consumers are mostly away for the renovation, they are more receptive to this kind of environmental health capacityProducts.

   Fourth, in cooperation with real estate developers or decoration companies and real estate developers or decoration company development, production, promotion and application of water purifier is a good marketing model. In the villa, while real estate development, put the home water purification systems, including design, build a house when the pipe system paved, the water purification equipment installed. When the house has developed a water purification system, it is more a selling point, so even sell the house. So real estate developers and reached the water purifier "win-win" effect.

   5. The Government of contact mode enterprises, institutions, offices, schools and other developed welfare local offices, schools, banks, railways, transportation, telecommunications, communications, power and water supply, gas supply, as well as other wealthy enterprises, the government leaders of the units work well, people go Ci Shanhui route, use some of the policies advocated by the government or the public works and other home appliances, both to improve the water purifier sales, government agencies have performance, it can be said that the water purifier marketing model a lot of advantages.

   The method of the above five types of marketing water purifier, purifier agent you may choose to implement according to their actual situation, in the sales method, to be alive, is not hard to move rigidly applied, while sales method can not be static, to the times. Add fresh water Tips: water purifier sales agents can not rely solely on water purification methods brands given to marketing water purifier, but also take the initiative to create more marketing methods, because wealth on their own efforts to come. It is necessary to drink good water to drink healthy water, water purifiers joined the agency, I chose fresh water plus

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