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   Now many families have a net drink machine, while net drink machine in the water boil too often repeated, the following Xiaobian a look at the US net drink machine water is thousands of boiling water it?




thousands of boiling water is harmful to the body? Most people believe that this water boiled for a long time due to, water, non-volatile substance, such as high calcium, magnesium, and nitrite and other ingredients. For a long time to drink this water, the water of harmful substances can interfere with peoples gastrointestinal function, a temporary diarrhea, abdominal distension, and now many are at home with the beauty brands net drink machine, then US net drink machine water is thousands of boiling water ?


A lot of people worry about drinking water is not the thousands of boiling water, due to material limitations, the maximum temperature of drinking water is generally about ninety degrees, reach the boiling state, not the thousands of boiling water. But the best time to drink bottled water 1-15 days after leaving the factory, once more than 15 days, too much bacteria in the water, it is not appropriate to drink.


In addition to thousands of boiling water, drinking fountains where there will be "water yin and yang." The so-called yin and yang of water, one refers to the raw water mixed with boiling water, and the other is to burn heavy water after this mixing time, also known as water skillet. When boiling water shortage in the electricity, it will automatically add water. At this point, if people do not pay attention to the ground water or other emergency drinking, electric water boiler water would flow of yin and yang, yin and yang, the water itself is not clean. "After the raw water mixed with boiling water, boil if not to drink, bacteria and other harmful substances likely to cause intestinal diseases.


" Electric Water Heater, drinking fountains and other water equipment after long-term use, within the outlet will have the scale and other sediment should be cleaned to avoid water pollution. "Business is an electric water boiler maintenance staff, told reporters. According to reports, drinking fountains must be regularly cleaned and disinfected, usually 3 months in summer, winter six months. Electric water boilers are often the best washing tub in order to reduce the scale and boxes metal body of harmful substances produced after the reaction.


these are net drink machine small series to introduce the water is not part of some elements of thousands of boiling water, which everyone can rest assured that use, do not worry net drink machine thousands of boiling water issues, and the last hope that we can drink safe drinking water for their families, learn some knowledge of small household drinking water is very necessary




editor: Zhang Fu

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