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   March of each year are consumer complaints and corporate public relations crisis focused on the outbreak of the stage, many companies nervous, fear of their own become common knowledge, of which there are some water purifier business. The so-called "do not do good conscience, afraid of ghosts at midnight knock on the door," fear of the sound of rights of the consumer business, we must have done something detrimental to the interests of consumers, and always adhere to the integrity of the development of the water purifier business, even if every day is 3.15, also rock solid.




3.15 big test water purifier business integrity in power a brighter future (picture from the network)

   3.15 soon test water purifier corporate integrity

   in 2015, this years theme of the China consumer Association identified as "hand in hand with governance enjoy consumption." China Consumers Association official said that this year is the first anniversary of the "Consumer Law". Implementation of the "Consumer Law", to improve consumer protection in the new system established by the "Consumer Law", urged the Consumer Protection responsible parties to implement the relevant legal responsibilities and legal obligations to promote consumer protection fully into the legal system, but also a comprehensive strategic plan to promote the practice of governing the country according to law. This water purifier business, naturally, is a big test.

   integrity is the fundamental development of a business survival, especially in the service industry. Water purification products, long service life, the service has become an important consideration indicators of enterprises. Water purifier business for more the consumers point of view, they want to think, to help them solve their problems they encounter, the inconvenience and difficulties for the operators themselves to easy and convenient to consumers.

   integrity in power purifier companys future brighter

   Insiders said that at present there are still many non-standard phenomena on the water purifier market, due to the development of water purification industry is still in the initial stage, the quality of the product, specifications, technology did not achieve the desired state, problems can be considered normal, but the future is still a long way to go, the water purifier should be in line with corporate social responsibility to strengthen self-discipline, industry executives we should also strengthen supervision.

   the integrity of the construction of a water purification consumption environment, it should be the responsibility of each water purifier business. And few companies will deny it, a responsible water purifier business should be to serve the consumer in the first place, the service will do the harvest of consumersheart of. At present, consumers still have a number of service concepts and promotional initiatives proposed water purification industry skeptical that this is the water purifier business a golden opportunity to show their skills, integrity and clear the way so that consumers can without too much worry about the quality of products and services, the future of water purifier business will be more and more bright!

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