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  Water purification products gradually deep into the homes of ordinary people, but when water purifier filter should be changed, many people are not clear, although some brands have been intelligent, and able at any time to remind consumers to replace the cartridge, but just a few machines. 浣犵煡閬撳噣姘村櫒涓€骞磋鈥滆繃婊も€濆灏戠梾姣掑悧

   There is no doubt that the presence of water purifier, bring us not only healthy drinking water, as well as a happy family, many diseases are from the mouth into the room, and water purifiers, water filters help us impurities, bacteria ......

   there are a lot of people questioned said water purifier useless, but you know a water purifier and garbage a year how much virus can intercept it?

   * 1 year to about 2600 mg of rust, 10 years is 26 000 mg;

   * 1 year to about 9600 mg organics (2 two pesticides), 10 years is 96 000 mg (2 pounds of pesticides);

   * 1 year about 500 mg of sediment impurities, 10 years is 5000 mg;

   * 1 year to about 4 mg of lead, 10 years is 40 mg. (Lead exceeded nervous system injuries, mental retardation children, leading to senile dementia)


   water purifier is equivalent to each of us the body of "kidney"!

   water purifier effluent water quality depends not only on the quality of the filter element, but also depends on whether the filter life and timely replacement.

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